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71: Christina Wegner, Building Out Platform to Help Others Have a Voice

Daniel Giordano


On this episode of the All-In Podcast, Daniel sits down with Christina Wegner, an experienced businesswoman with extensive skills in the marketing milieu. The discussion primarily focuses on her journey through the marketing sector, setbacks she encountered, and current and potential opportunities for her to make a difference in helping others.

As supportive parents, both Daniel and Christina agree that finding a balance between work and family is essential – Christina always considers a job that is not only ideal for her, but also one that will be equally beneficial for her family life.

One main topic that is discussed is Christina’s passion for diversity and inclusion. She reiterates a phrase ‘slow down to speed up’ – people often do not take the time to hear a differing perspective and they jump to conclusions. This has helped her be more respectful, and she ultimately wants to use her platform to give others an opportunity to be heard.


  • Christina shares her background and her decision on her career path at the University of Montana.
  • How an internship in sports marketing for the PGA tour after her freshmen year was the launchpad for her career.
  • Her transitions from a plumbing sector to the financial services industry and how this developed a passion for diversity and inclusion.
  • Finding the balance between work life and family life – being successful in both aspects.
  • Having the mindset to slow down and listen to other’s perspectives – people are too quick to jump to conclusions and assume the worst from a media soundbite, rather than taking the time to fully digest and understand the entire situation; some examples:
    • Defund the police – it is not nixing the entire police force, rather, reallocating funds for a better cause
    • Canceling Dr. Seuss – not banning all of Dr. Seuss’s books, but stopping publication of a few racially-inappropriate books
  • The big vision for Christina:
    • Continuing to build out platforms on diversity and inclusion to help others have a voice.
    • Be involved on more boards to make a difference
      • Just a Girl – giving girls the tools/resources they need to start a podcast
      • The Above and Beyond Children’s Museum – providing programs for diversity and inclusion
    • Being a great example for her children by giving back to the community.
  • She encourages the listers to step back and appreciate the small things in life. The ways in which she has exercised this mindset is by daily meditation and journaling.


  • “Building really strong brands and cultivating brand equity and brand loyalty, that’s really exciting to me.”
  • “I’ve definitely made sure that I’m thinking about my career and how I can continue to elevate it with my family in mind.”
  • “Having a really solid career and providing for my family was really important…have a really successful career and be a really good mom at the same time.”
  • “Slow down to speed up…slow down to listen to things that were going on around me…and use my platform to give them an opportunity to be heard as well.”
  • “The theme I think is really staying plugged in with kids and staying plugged in as much as I can with diversity and inclusion space.”
  • “I am focused right now on continuing to build out my knowledge on diversity and inclusion.”
  • “It has really helped me step back and slow down and think about the little things, like our health.”

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