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How do you define what you do? For today’s guest, Hernan Sias, the answer wasn’t always so simple. After years of gathering expertise and experience he realized the value in sharing knowledge and knowhow with others and thus discovered purpose. As one half of the widely successful Business Bros team, Hernan is many things but put simply, he is a salesman. One who meets people, identifies what needs they have and connects them with people who can help fill that need.

Hernan shares how the business began years ago and what steps he took to grow into the consultant, teacher, and salesperson he is today. His “all in” moment came through his own venture into the podcasting space.  With his brother James, Hernan runs the Business Bros podcast to reach others with opportunity and expertise as well as a utilizing it as vehicle for reaching more clients, allowing the pair to see substantial growth.  

Daniel gets in the weeds with Hernan to talk about how he harnesses the power of networking to grow his business while growing others.  For Hernan, the key to success is being able to focus.  Knowing how to define your vision clearly and stick to that purpose is what has enabled him to weather the constant challenge of being an entrepreneur and allowed him to take risks with less worry.  

Hernan’s tenacity is infectious and his advice simple, yet poignant. Finding meaning looks different for each of us but there are common strategies that can be implemented no matter your pursuit.  By focusing less on the dollars and more on the passion you can learn things along the way that will help you support a life worth living.  

Enjoy this candid conversation between two “all in” entrepreneurs. 

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  • A little bit about Hernan and his journey with his brother James, from minimum wage to successful entrepreneurs, developing others all along the way.
  • ALL IN MOMENT: Hernan describes his defining moment and the direction it will propel his companies as a result. 
  • Setting simple goals and aligning your focus
  • A successful entrepreneur takes risks constantly and is always looking for the next investment 
  • Hernan shares his life vision and how he defines success.
  • Measuring impact; finding meaning through enlightening others.    
  • How to reach out to Hernan and James and find out more about Business Bros.


  • “I was uncomfortable calling myself a sales professional or a salesman, but the truth of matter is that’s what I do. I meet people and I identify what needs they have and I connect them with people who can help fill that need.”
  • “There are so many different labels that you put on yourself and it’s really which one do you want to identify with the most? What is it that you wake up in the morning and this is the thing that you’re absolutely thinking about?”
  • “Follow one course until successful, that’s focus.”
  • “That’s the peaks and valleys of being an entrepreneur; when it pays off, it pays off nice and it’s really good. But you’re going to fail like five or six or seven times in the different investments until the one pays off.”
  • “You know when you talk about going all in, where are you putting your dollars? Where are you taking those huge risks? Because again, that’s where your focus is.”
  • “I love those a-ha moments, when the little bell goes off or lightning strikes their brain. Those are the most powerful moments to me in life, because what I’ve gone through has now been shifted in not just a lesson, but in wisdom.”
  • “I found a way to impact lives that’s meaningful for me, and so that’s really where I’m shooting for at this point in my career, I’m still going after that.”
  • “What you learned is worthless. It’s about taking action The action part is everything.”
  • “If you take action with what you learned, you’re going to make an impact. The cool thing about when you take action is you get a result. It may not be the result you want, it may not be the result you would (have) intended, but you get a result and once you have the result, you can improve upon that.”
  • “Don’t chase the dollars. Chase that that passion of what you like to do.”

About Hernan Sias:

Hernan Sias is one half of the Business Bros team with his brother James. Their family business holds many levels of expertise. Hernan has a number of certifications and professional designations like High School Financial Algebra Teacher, Real Estate Sales License, Life and Health License, CTEC Certified Tax Professional, and a bachelor’s degree in Accountancy. James has a Property and Casualty License in CA, and a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance and Project Management. They have a plethora of education and a number of experiences that they utilize every day to build businesses, invest in real estate and secure financial freedom. The two run the popular Business Bros podcast.


About the All In Podcast Show:

The All-In Podcast Show presents top Entrepreneurs, Innovators and World Changers willing to share their breakthrough moments and how they are changing the world. Focused on being “All-In” on the four areas of life: faith, family, finances, and health, host Daniel Giordano invites mentors who exemplify balance and a commitment to building a bold life of excellence.

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