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AJ Wilcox is first and foremost a family man, but he is passionate about his business, too. After discovering that SEO allows you to actually meaningfully direct marketing to consumers, AJ wanted to break into the digital marketing space. Initially he was concerned with Google Ads and Facebook Ads—but he soon found that LinkedIn Ads were much more successful.

AJ talks about how he always loved startups and the energy they give off, but that he never really saw himself jumping into one as an entrepreneur. He and his wife care a lot about providing financial security for their family. So when he was let go from his job, it really changed what he thought was really possible. They had saved for almost a year’s worth of expenses, and they decided to go ahead and try starting their own company. They decided if they got close to the end of their runway, they could go out and find other work.

Now running his own business (and wearing all the hats), AJ found himself starting to live out his dreams of running a digital marketing business. He wasn’t sure there was enough interest in LinkedIn Ads initially, but he knew he could find ways to generate more qualified leads. He talks about how LinkedIn has the ability to target specific job types, skills, and businesses, which makes it ideal for b2b.

AJ also shares a lot about trying to balance his home and work life. It wasn’t until he started working from home that he was really able to get a lot done. He is thankful to be around his family so much, even though they still work on nailing down what works and what doesn’t. He talks about how the most important takeaway from all of this is that you can choose to spend money on experiences instead of more and more things. Retail therapy doesn’t really work. But you can invest in the memories you make with your family. And nothing could be more important.

Enjoy this candid conversation between two “all in” entrepreneurs.

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  • AJ considered international relations as an undergrad at BYU
  • Marketing and search engine optimization
  • Turbulence that AJ experienced
  • AJ’s B2Linked and the future of ads on LinkedIn
  • ALL IN MOMENT: AJ talks about losing his job and how that shifted his perspective about what really matters.
  • AJ says he stopped spending on things and starting spending on memories.
  • What is it like running a business with a family?
  • The things that fire up AJ
  • Realizing that you can still take time off


  • “Digital marketing is not the kind of marketing I learned in college. I can measure this stuff and make a real difference!”
  • “I fell in love with SEO, but ultimately, I’d like to make a difference in the world.”
  • “Being let go was the first kind of wake up call.”
  • “You can’t sell an agency for very much money.”
  • “It’s worth paying higher prices to get access to the real ideal customer.”
  • “Facebook doesn’t really know that much about people professionally.”
  • “I found that working from home was the best move for me.”
  • “At some point, if you provide enough value to the marketplace, you will have people pounding on your door to work with you.”

About AJ Wilcox

AJ Wilcox is the founder of the Linked Ads platform, B2Linked. He also hosts the LinkedIn Ads Show Podcast. AJ comes from a conservative background in Utah and is deeply devoted to his family. While at BYU, he initially wanted to study psychology, but quickly figured out that advertising in the digital space was what he was truly passionate about. After working for LinkedIn directly, AJ realized that there was a huge market for advertising on LinkedIn, and that the strategies out-perform even Facebook Ads. AJ is passionate about putting the right people in front of the right employer, and he hopes you’ll check out B2Linked.



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