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44: Law Enforcement Consultant and Podcast Host Patrick Fitzgibbons

Daniel Giordano


In a world of hurt, Patrick Fitzgibbons is using his military and law enforcement experience to inspire wholeness and healing. This episode of The All-In Podcast looks at how front-lines stress can be managed through setting intention and making conscious daily choices. Less than a decade ago, Patrick was living in a completely different way. Impacted by PTSD and the rigors and realities of his work in the field, he saw his life moving down one road and made a conscious decision to take a different fork in the road.  He has since established an entire coaching practice devoted to supporting mental, physical and spiritual health among first responders.

Through his stint with the Army and, until his retirement in 2019, a lengthy career as a patrolman, detective and operations commander with the police department in Louisville, CO, Patrick has learned close-up about some of the go-to attitudes that can undermine best intentions. In addition to coaching work he is hosts a top-ranked criminal justice podcast, Criminal Justice Evolution, focusing on critical building blocks for living a positive, productive life.

You won’t want to miss Patrick’s tips for staying centered, which include a daily gratitude practice, meditation, consistent physical exercise and a deliberate commitment to populating his life with people who are uplifting and share similar aspirations to his own. It’s all about shifting – then maintaining – a healthy mindset. 

Join Daniel and Patrick in a discussion that will inspire you to ask: What are you grateful for and how can you manifest your best self every day? You can find Patrick’s podcast at: Criminal Justice Evolution


  • Patrick shares a little of his upbringing and experience in the military and law enforcement fields.
  • No life is perfect: Navigating the down cycles in career and life. 
  • Consistent effort is the key to moving forward day by day.
  • Patrick’s underlying mission and passion.
  • The legacy Patrick hopes to leave (Hint: It’s about supporting first responders.) 
  • Daily routines and conscious practices.
  • Try this for perspective: 400 trillion-to-1 odds each of us had of being born! 
  • The power of recognizing relationships as the cornerstone of everything.
  • Consider doing a digital detox and avoid a constant diet of news.
  • Surrounding yourself with the right people is key!
  • Top Tip: Start every day by writing down what you’re grateful for in your life.


  • “I look to give officers motivation and inspiration in a very tough environment.” 
  • “I give officers the tools they need to navigate a very, very difficult profession.”
  • “No life is perfect … That’s one of the inherent problems with social media. No one’s life is perfect. Everyone has failures.”
  • “I’ve had many challenges that I’ve had to face and accept.”
  • “So much is tied up in cultivating that correct mindset … There’s a lot we can’t control, but we can control the six inches between our ears.”
  • “A lot of people, once they fail, they’re just down. They’re resigned. And that’s gonna be your life if you have that attitude going forward.”
  • “I want to be known as one of the people helped the brave men and women who protect us cope every day.”
  • “It’s one thing to think about things but it’s another thing to feel it. You’ve really got to feel (the gratitude).”
  • “Everything starts with the body. Your body runs it all. If you’re not taking care of yourself – not only spiritually but physically – you need to do that.”
  • “Relationships are the true meaning of life.”
  • “You are the answer. You are the keys. You have everything you need inside of you to be happy.”
  • “You’ve got to be selfish in who you’re surrounding yourself with. I want to be with people who are lifting me up.”
  • “A lot of your success is who you are around and who’s your tribe.”


About Patrick Fitzgibbons ​

Patrick is a retired law enforcement officer with approximately 23 years of experience. He holds an MBA in business and an MA in organizational leadership, and is a lifelong learner. Patrick is a part time professor in higher education, dedicated to coaching and mentoring the next generation of law enforcement professionals. He’s also the host of the top-rated podcast, “






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