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45: Peter Cimoroni, Chairman and CEO of Razor Marketing

Daniel Giordano


In this episode of the “All-In” podcast, Daniel explores with his guest Peter Cimoroni the overlapping ways in which success, failure, kindness and integrity intersect when it comes to building an entrepreneurial venture. And, oh yes, there’s also wrestling. The CEO and Chairman of Razor Marketing has found throughout a varied career that the art of coaching sports (in his case wrestling) in many ways sets a framework that is applicable professionally and personally as well. 

Peter, who grew up in Cleveland, has navigated all kinds of economic ups and downs since his earliest post-college jobs in the 1980s. His current work reflects lessons he took all along the way, as a salesman, inventor, start-up businessman and advisor to enterprises of all kinds. His work today is all about providing companies with a deep dive and triage to discover exactly what it is they want to accomplish – and who best to partner with towards that end. That means applying Razor’s methodology to determine next steps as they relate to a range of goals: topline growth, line item efficiency, even-to-odd growth, valuation growth, prep to acquire or be acquired. 

Among the nine business Peter has personally grown, there have been disappointments. But nothing that could strictly be termed a failure because critical lessons have been learned in every instance. It’s all about “failing forward,” as Peter prefers to call it, and it can be transformational. For one thing, challenges can breed the kind of empathy and kindness that are the cornerstone to Peter’s business philosophy. He offers advice and some go-to habits that he believes best serve entrepreneurs by serving the best in those around them. Flowing positivity and kindness out into the world constitutes one of Peter’s best practices, both personally and professionally.

In his passion project, The Blood Time podcast, Peter speaks to the relationship between high school and collegiate coaches and their athletes and how they create positive, enduring lifetime impacts. He shares with Daniel insights into how and why.

Whether in the context of home or business, Peter urges people to export the same energy rooted in gratitude and thoughtfulness. Among the simple but profound tips he offers: Write a letter daily to encourage yourself, and then do the same for someone else who could use just a little encouragement or affirmation. 

“We get so much callousness – especially in the business world – that the direct opposite is so refreshing. It enlightens and feeds your own spirit,” offer Peter, whose Razor Marketing has developed a methodology in which all boats rise together. 

Enjoy being inspired and uplifted by this conversation between two “all in” entrepreneurs. 


  • A little bit about Peter’s background growing up in Cleveland and beyond.
  • Early entrepreneurial ventures coming out of college in the 1980s.
  • Key turning points: Inventing the “Cough Pop” cough drop on a stick, which became a methodology that could be applied across the marketplace.
  • Peter’s “all-in” moment: Learning what NOT to do and then creating a consultancy to help his clients avoid the pitfalls.
  • Carving out a niche beyond the digitization and commoditization of marketing to ensure residual earnings.
  • Identifying common pitfalls companies experience, such as not knowing how to secure residual income, constantly reinventing the wheel or investing too much energy and time into pursuits that yield little compensation.
  • Anatomy of failure: Peter provides case studies in real-world setbacks that have driven him forward.  
  • Biggest mistakes companies most commonly make.
  • Looking for opportunities even in the darkest moments.
  • Passion Project: Blood Time Podcast. The transformational results that occur when the athlete and coach become family.
  • Routines that Peter recommends to bolster energy and focus.
  • Parting thought/ words of advice: Bring light and kindness into the world.  


  • “We’ve really morphed into a best practices company, going in to triage and figure out where clients want to be and why.”
  • “The failures are where I’ve learned most of the lessons. It’s failing forward.”
  • “We show companies how to monetize their accounts payable. We show them how to make money while they’re paying their bills.”
  • “We go in and show businesses how to find money.”
  • “It’s about how to be more profitable and, more importantly, how to leverage our relationships and our time.”
  • “A lot of people get seduced by top line growth, but top line growth does not equal valuation.” 
  • “You’ve got to find solutions and sometimes they’ve gotta be on the fly because you’re in combat.”
  • “There are opportunities even in the brutalities … Even in the darkest of days you can find opportunities.”
  • “It’s all about attitude because if you think you’re gonna win, you’re gonna win!”
  • “Good and bad do not happen in a vacuum. They reverberate between time and space. So do good always.”

About Peter Cimoroni

Peter Cimoroni is a serial entrepreneur who has also assisted dozens of local and national companies in strategic growth, brand development, and acquisition negotiations. Cimoroni and Razor Ltd. LLC service everything from sales and marketing management, Public and Investor Relations, full service Advertising campaigns to coordinating and initializing a national consumer product roll-out.

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