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It’s not easy making the decision to abandon your status as a full-time employee with all the perks in order to pursue a the solopreneur venture of your dreams. But in this episode of The All-In Podcast Daniel invites his guest, podcast host and consultant David Shriner-Cahn, to share foundational steps you can take to make that leap a little easier. Their conversation not only illuminates questions to ask as you prepare to start up a business of your own, it also gives you practical considerations to factor into those first high-stakes months (sometime years) of transition.

Although he’s dedicated full-time to working with aspiring coaches and consultants, David’s professional experience started on a more traditional path. He went from college into the corporate world, assuming that hard work and talent would be repaid by promotions and security. While he received good reviews and feedback on his performance, he soon saw in 1980s downsizing the brutal truth that all employees were considered dispensable. He moved into the non-profit sector in search of work that felt like a better temperamental match and thrived, but a growing desire to run his own ship developed over time. David ultimately went out on his own, creating a very successful consulting business – learning a lot of valuable lessons along the way.

Daniel discusses with David some of the nuts and bolts of those lessons he has learned and incorporated in his successful podcast, Smashing the Plateau. They touch on a range of common challenges, from the unsettlingly risky element of going out on your own to the practical realities of timing, capital investment and networking.

And, of course, circumstances vary. David explains how his mentoring applies in different ways. Existing consultants and coaches may need to figure out how to increase revenue, reduce hours or alter their business model. Meanwhile brand new consultants and coaches with a long previous corporate history may need specific help making the initial pivot to a solo entrepreneurial venture. Either way, this conversation is full of real-world perspective and applicable tips for anyone running an independent business, including a list of emotions likely to emerge over the course of the transition:

  1. Loss of identity and the ego associated with being a salaried employee.
  2. Shame about a transitional stage that may look and feel like unemployment but in fact is just an inevitable part of going out on your own.
  3. Fear that things won’t go as hoped or that assets will quickly erode.
  4. Loss of the comfort that the perks of traditional employment can bring.
  5. Grief in saying goodbye to one thing before being fully adjusted to or immersed in your new venture.

It can be hard to measure success and keep the momentum going as a solopreneur. But through their podcasts and hard-won experience, Daniel and David offer the kind of support and advice that makes the journey easier at every step of the way.

Enjoy being inspired and uplifted by this conversation between two “all in” entrepreneurs.


  • A little of David’s backstory and upbringing, starting with childhood on the Jersey Shore and his initial non-entrepreneurial ventures.
  • An early corporate experience with unexpected “downsizing” came as a wake-up call for David, who didn’t like the writing on the wall if he remained on that path.
  • The not-for-profit world proved a good alternative for David, but didn’t afford any more protection against external forces. 
  • The revolutionary step to become an entrepreneur has come with many evolutionary steps – including unforeseen opportunities and challenges.
  • David’s “all-in” moment: When he knew he would remain mentally committed to the entrepreneurial path, even in the face of a lucrative job offer.
  • The only constant is change. Markets, technology, pandemic … circumstances are always changing.
  • Covid19 was a prime example of how critical it is to be nimble and adaptable.
  • The audiences, offerings and emphasis on which David’s podcasts focus.
  • Basic business building skills that David provides to help people with deep corporate expertise transition into independent consulting.
  • Is becoming an independent consultant or coach the right thing for you?
  • Emotions to expect and strategies to help in making a transition. 


  • “I’m grateful that I finally did make the break and figured out how to be an entrepreneur. And, like with anything else, it’s been an evolution.”
  • “It’s really important to have a Plan B. … Like a fire drill, you don’t want to start planning how you’re going to exit your building when there’s already a fire.” 
  • “When you start a business it never goes from zero to 100 overnight … You need a lot of perseverance to make it as an entrepreneur.”
  • “The way our professional work life has gone through a major disruption over the last 12 months, I think the number of coaches and consultants is going to increase significantly over the years to come.”
  • “The biggest challenges are in actually running the business. For many coaches and consultants, they’ve never studied anything related to running a business and they’re clueless.”
  • “The reality is that starting a business takes an investment of time and money, so you are going to be ready to do that.”
  • “People that can take 6-12 months without pressuring themselves do a lot better when they ultimately go full-force into a business.” 

About David Shriner-Cahn

Featured in Forbes Magazine’s Three Podcasts To Power Up Your Ultra-Lean Business and Inc. Magazine’s 5 Entrepreneurs That Will Change The Way You Communicate, David has hosted over 500 episodes of Smashing the Plateau and has now added a second podcast, Going Solo. Both offer a wealth of personal experiences and practical advice about achieving business breakthroughs.

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