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49: Erin Boerema, CEO, Podcast Host & Social Media Expert

Daniel Giordano


Taking a business venture to that next level of success is every aspiring entrepreneur’s dream, but all-too-many of us get in our own way. In this episode of All-In, Daniel invites Optimal VA Solutions founder and brand whisperer Erin Boerema to explain how she went from clutching her business’s reigns like an “I-can-do-it myself” two-year-old to welcoming support for her burgeoning company. Also host of the “Making Sense of Entrepreneurship” podcast, Erin has built an entire digital marketing practice around a toolkit for establishing and enhancing brands of all kinds. She started from the ground up, learning about systems and processes, professional and business development on her own and gradually incorporating the wisdom of mentors. When it comes to evolving startups to another stage of maturity, Erin explains, the smart money is on retaining a coach to help light the way. Entrepreneurial efforts can become so all-consuming that  valuable perspective is lost. Daniel elicits from Erin sage advice about how to create a compelling brand profile, defend against burnout and cultivate the kind of team that will unfailingly make you – and thus your venture – better than it was before. Enjoy hearing how Erin went from being an unhappy waitress making $2.32 an hour + tips to pursuing her passion: running a creative business and helping others to do the same, all from the comfort of her home in Jackson, Mississippi.


  • Erin discloses a bit about how a lifechanging event propelled her from being a disgruntled waitress making minimum wage into starting a whole new career chapter focused on her passion for building brands.
  • That moment when Erin realized that she’d escaped an unhappy workplace scenario and wanted to share her roadmap to encourage others.
  • Coaching, mentoring and classes were critical for Erin (once she got over her stubborn determination to go it alone) as she pursued her journey to developing her practice.
  • Where the “multi-passionate” Erin sees herself going in the future with her three interwoven brands: her agency, her podcast and herself.
  • Words of wisdom to the aspiring entrepreneur: There’s never a right (or perfect) time to get started.
  • Knowing when it’s time to start delegating/outsourcing tasks in order to move your business to the next level and protect yourself from burn-out.


  • “It can be hard getting started, getting your feet wet, when you don’t have a huge portfolio of clients to refer you, but it is possible.”
  • “I’m kind of a hermit … so getting online has opened up many, many opportunities for connecting with people again.”
  • “If you avoid working with a business coach or mentor you’re missing out because, yes, it’s an investment. But that’s the thing: It’s an investment to grow your business and to grow yourself.”
  • “It took me a long time as an entrepreneur to realize that it’s okay for someone else to be better at something when they’re working for you. You want that. You want someone who is very good at what they’re doing — particularly if it’s a task you don’t enjoy performing.”
  • “Going forward I hope to expand the reach that I’ve already gotten and bring authenticity and creativity to people who want to start a business.”
  • “I want others to make an impact doing what they love to do and make a profit doing it at the same time.”
  • “Every little detail doesn’t have to be perfect. Just show up consistently, show up authentically where you are in your journey, be honest with your audience and yourself and you’ll be amazed at what can happen.”
  • “When you build a team you want to look at things from a CEO perspective. That is how you build a business. You look at building on your business but not working in your business at the same time.”

About Erin Boerema

Erin Boerema is a full-time entrepreneur, founder of Optimal VA Solutions (a creative agency focused on helping entrepreneurs, business owners, and digital creators establish, build, and grow their brand online through branding and marketing strategies and tactics), the host of the Making Sense of Entrepreneurship podcast, and a digital creator. She’s also a total nerd when it comes to reading really good fantasy novels, and her passion lies in helping other business owners, entrepreneurs, and creators establish their online presence and build their brand and business effectively online by showing them how to harness the internet to pursue their passions with intention and with purpose so they can make a living doing what they love to do and make an impact doing it!

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