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51: Christopher Hines – Top Podcast Host & Branding Expert

Daniel Giordano


If there’s one word that defines powerhouse podcaster and entrepreneur Christopher Hines, it’s focus. In this episode of All-In, the dynamic host of The Personal Branding Playbook Podcast shares with Daniel his journey from a tough neighborhood in Los Angeles to successful, endlessly inspired startup innovator. Chris has developed not only his own personal stable of podcasts but has also pioneered a podcast network, helping to evolve and manage content in a whole new space. He has also lately moved into software innovation with his newest venture, Castocity – a platform to help podcasters monetize their work. Daniel explores what drives Chris and where he hopes to go as the world slowly emerges from pandemic isolation. High on the list is coaching and training young basketball players, evangelizing for the power of discipline and curiosity. Whatever it is? You can figure it out, according to Chris, who brings his can-do wizardry to clients looking to up their podcast content creation, editing, production and marketing game.

Join Daniel in a learning about how Chris went from being the kid who cut out the bottom of a crate to make his own basketball hoop to learning to play four instruments as a young student (in spite of generally not being a fan of conventional “school”) to getting out ahead of the pack in launching his high-profile podcasting career.


  • Christopher Hines’s fascinating backstory, growing up in some of the tougher neighborhoods of LA, dropping out of school early, becoming a father at 17 and migrating through a lot of colleges that were not the right fit.
  • Playing and coaching basketball were bright spots for Chris, who pursued a career that ultimately evolved into a successful podcast business now expanding to include podcast software development.
  • The challenges Christopher has taken on and how he has prevailed.
  • The stages and tasks Chris has explored/mastered while developing his career
  • How Chris stays focused and keeps his eye on things that lift him and others around him upwards.
  • When it comes to intention, Chris has always known that he would create wealth and develop a meaningful mission of some kind. The rest of the journey has been uncovering his path, which became clear when he entered the podcast space.
  • Chris’s big-picture vision for leveraging his ability to focus and achieve goals to positively impact others.
  • Tips and perspective for people interested in launching a podcast.
    • It’s all about what you’re looking to accomplish.
    • Define the result you’re envisioning.
    • Implement metrics by which to measure for success.
  • Things that fascinate Chris outside of his daily career pursuits:
    • He loves to “consume” books, a mini-obsession that brings him all kinds of new ideas.
    • He also loves looking at nature shows that communicate refreshing ideas about nature and engaging with unfamiliar things.
    • He loves studying up and learning about anything new or groundbreaking (except Bungee jumping).
  • When it comes to community, Chris is most inspired by the drive and discipline he can cultivate in young people through basketball coaching and training.
  • What Chris has been up to and is focused on moving forward:
    • Building out a podcasting network.
    • Partnering with other companies.
    • Returning to his podcast hosting roots.
    • Growing his software platform for developing/monetizing podcasts.
  • Words of Wisdom: Chris believes above all else success in life correlates directly to focus.


  • “I don’t think I’ve had a conventional life in any sense. I kind of do everything backwards.”
  • “I made a decision very early – around eight years old – that I didn’t want to be like everybody else.”
  • “When I have one thing I’m focusing on, every day I give energy to it.”
  • “When you’re dialed in and focused on what you want, different things start to happen for you and to you to propel you on your path.”
  • “It’s not about money for me … For me I want to influence other people. I really want to show other people the power of focus.”
  • “Podcasting is my way of showing people the power of creating the life you want through focusing your energy every day. That’s really important to me.”
  • “I want to use the money that I make, the tools that I have, the resources and connections and all the things that I build to help other people find their passion in life.”
  • “I like to try different things. Life should be full of experiences. When I’m on my deathbed I want to be able to say I did everything I wanted to do.”
  • “Sports helped me stay focused and be driven. It teaches you discipline. It’s really good to learn that early on because all of those habits – the skill and energy I put into basketball – I put into business now.”
  • “Focusing on what you want for an hour a day is the best strategy to be successful because, even if you don’t know how to do something, you can learn it if you stay focused every day.”
  • “We have so much information, there’s no excuse for not getting it done.”
  • “When you know what the end goal is, don’t let anyone deter you from it!”

About Christopher

Christopher Hines is host of the Personal Branding Playbook. He’s been podcasting for six years and helped hundreds of shows launch, grow and generate revenue. Chris has been a speaker at Podfest, the Outliers Podcast Festival and several other events for content creators. He is also creator of the Podcast to Profit System. Chris works with podcasters to build their personal brand and online empire.

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