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55: Marketing Communications Specialist, and Virtual Event Technologist and Producer, Sharyn Fitzpatrick

Daniel Giordano


In this episode of The All-In Podcast, Sharyn Fitzpatrick shares both insights she’s gained, and challenges she’s faced, throughout her career in marketing communications and virtual event technology. Desiring to spend more time at home with her family, and focus more on projects that she really believed in, Sharyn started her own business in 2000 doing independent marketing communications, and building programs for leads generation, for a variety of clients. She now has a large focus on webinar development and how to transform clients’ virtual events/webinar programs into memorable events. 

One of the biggest lessons that Sharyn has learned through running her own business is that it can often be easier to focus on helping your clients and doing things that will benefit them, rather than remembering to turn that focus around onto your own ventures and doing things that will benefit you personally as well. She stresses the importance of marketing and promoting yourself, and taking the steps required to grow yourself into success, in addition to doing those things for your company or your clients at work.

Daniel and Sharyn also discuss some of the challenges that many people are facing in today’s pandemic world, and how the technical advancements of the last 10 years have made it possible to still stay connected and keep a business running successfully even through these dark times. They both agree on the importance of staying connected with other people, either on an individual level with family/friends, or by being involved in groups or organizations of like-minded people, in order to stay motivated and energized.


  • A bit about Sharyn’s upbringing in Philly.
  • Sharyn’s career path in marketing and communications for various clients.
  • Sharyn’s desire to step back and focus a bit more on family, as well focus on more interesting projects that appealed to her, which led to her opening her own marketing and communications business.
  • Some benefits as well as challenges that have come from Sharyn’s decision to open her own business. 
  • The difficulties we sometimes have in doing things for ourselves, and focusing on our own needs, compared to doing those same things for clients.
  • The importance of marketing and promoting yourself and your own business.
  • Sharyn’s words of wisdom for dealing with dark times in a pandemic, including:
    • Picking up the phone and reaching out to somebody you’d like to connect with (Examples: Zoom calls, family reunions, virtual tailgates, etc.)
    • Signing up for virtual classes or groups to be able to meet like-minded people
    • Still living your life, just in a redefined way to fit the pandemic regulations


  • “I just found that I loved the idea of presenting a vision about what my company or what my team wanted to do.”
  • “I’m always thinking outside the box about how to make the audience experience more powerful and more relevant.”
  • “You have to answer “What’s in it for them?” And I think in order to do a show, or a webinar, or a podcast, you have to answer that question and you have to know what your audience wants and needs.”
  • “One of my biggest regrets is not spending time on my own PR and my own thought leadership, while doing it for my clients.”
  • “If you just invested half the amount of time that you do for your clients, in yourself, watch what happens to your life and your business.”
  • “The lifelong goal is to leave a memorable imprint for my family and my profession, that I’ve been able to accomplish something and, through my knowledge, take somebody else to the next level.” 
  • “Just because the pandemic is here doesn’t mean we can’t still live our lives, we just need to redefine what the new life is.”

About Sharyn

Being in business for twenty years, I have had to pivot my services to adapt to new technology, services needed, and answering clients’ needs. I started out as a Marketing Communication expert, which I still am but it looks different today especially with the pandemic. Today, I am a virtual event technologist and producer – I have done over 2,000 webinars over the last 20 years but that has expanded to include event management platforms – a “virtual venue” – and integrating apps that increase the engagement value for the client. I wear many hats including virtual emcee, video producer and editor, graphic designer, event technologist, tutorial creator, and marketing strategist. I also joined a collaborative – Project Pivot – to bring virtual events to existing in-person event clients. We have done seven events for non-profits. Each one is unique. They include gala fundraisers, a conference only program, an award program, a movie night with Q&A, and more.

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