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12: A True Story of Zero to Wealth to speaking with many of the greats like Tony Robbins, Donald Trump, Dennis Waitley and Bob Proctor

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About Omar Periu

Omar Periu has been a featured speaker at events with Zig Ziglar, General Colin Powell, Larry Bird, Harvey Mackay, Terry Bradshaw, Bob Proctor, Larry King, Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, Don Shula, Lou Holtz, Denis Waitley, and many more. He is a member of the National Speakers Association and has been inducted into the prestigious International Platform Association.

His articles are published in Success Magazine, Sales and Management Magazine, Selling Power Magazine and more. He has authored several books like The One Minute Meeting™, From Management to Leadership™, Get Real Get Rich™ and today’s #1 book in sales, Investigative Selling™. He has been presented with the Business Man of the Year award for the state of Florida, by the Florida Business Advisory Council. He is on the Board of Directors at Wayne Huizenga’s School of Entrepreneurs and Nova Southeastern University. He is a member of the National Speakers Association and has been inducted into the prestigious International Platform Association. Most importantly, he has dedicated himself to helping others fulfill their dreams by teaching them how to achieve greatness!

Omar compassionately helps groups and individuals learn to overcome fear, failure, and handle rejections. He will help you get out of the slump that holds you back from becoming a true champion with his inspiring stories and motivational precepts! Omar encourages you to face your fears, kick your counter-productive habits and become a calculated risk taker. He asks you to THINK about where you are now, where you WANT to be, and HOW to get there as quickly as possible. He specifically teaches you how to set and achieve your desired goals while ensuring constant and never ending improvement. Omar Periu is more than a motivator; his peers refer to him as “The Master Motivational Teacher.” Omar brings audiences to their feet with his indefinable quality of magnetism.

Omar’s Story:

Omar’s Story: Born in Cuba and came over at the age of 7 with his mom and siblings. Churches were sponsoring Cuban families with a program called Peter Pan. They were sponsored to go to Chicago, Illinois. His father joined them and they were together with the help of the St. Patrick’s church in Chicago. Times were tough growing up but Omar was still able to excel in sports with track and power lifting. He was actually able to get a scholarship for music since he was also gift with his Mom’s beautiful soprano voice. Omar’s dad was able to accumulate within seven years three gas stations, an auto part store, a block full of real estate and his own home. Omar’s dad knew how accumulate material wealth but did not know how to keep it. His dad had a heart attack when Omar was in college and so Omar went back home to help the family get back on their feet. LISTEN UP to hear what Omar did to rebuild his family’s life and his own.

Later on Omar moves to California and starts a business to train celebrities like Tom Selleck, Gregory Harrison, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and also work as a salesman since they make a lot of money. Things were not getting better and he tapped into the power of prayer. He ask God to help him, then one of the investors of the fitness club he work at also manages speakers like: Tom Hopkins, Jim Rohn, Dr. Maxwell Maltz, Zig Ziglar, and Bob Proctor. The investor asked Omar to train him since Omar was the top trainer. Omar had never heard of the speakers and the investor decided to help Omar by taking him under his wing. Omar went from the worst sales person to the number 1 in the country in health and fitness. Omar created a name for himself and with the help of the investor they both built and bought health clubs. They built the largest health club in the United States. By the age of 31 they sold the clubs and became a multi-millionaire and so Omar went off to sing since he enjoyed it.

Omar was still lost while he was singing. Omar went back to prayer and then he walked in on a meeting that his investor was having with his speakers: Tom Hopkins and Jim Rohn. The speakers invited him to go on the road with them and it lasted a decade. Now Omar has 14 bestselling books and considered in the top 10 in his industry. Zig Ziglar wrote the forward to one of Omar’s books. Omar say it would be a shame not to invest his life into other people like his mentors did for him. Omar believes it’s his duty his mission his passion to help other the way he was helped.

Most Influential Person:

  • Zig Ziglar, a close mentor and personal friend, changed Omar’s life both spiritually and successfully.  LISTEN UP to who else was big influencer for Omar

Biggest Challenges:

  • Myself. All entrepreneurs go through the same type of struggle while building their business(es). There’s a battle within that includes self-doubt and a lack of self-esteem. Staying positive is important to push down these negative thoughts.  LISTEN UP to understand our low moments relate to persistence, tenacity, and attitude and the reason why Omar’s mentors picked him to train. Additionally, mentors and outside influences who have experienced the same types of thoughts are an asset to any entrepreneur.

Life’s Lowest Point:

  • At one point, Omar was stuck in a rundown studio apartment, and wondering “what happened?” Depression and disappointment set in and caused Omar to reflect on his past goals and how he had lost focus. LISTEN UP to hear how he turn it around. HINT, he has been talking about it the whole interview.

Defining Success:

“Success is a continuous journey towards a predetermined of pre-determined, worthwhile goal.” – Tom Hopkins
  • You need 3 things for success
    1. Spirituality
    2. Healthy
    3. Happiness
    After these three things are in place, then the money comes.

Omar’s impact and legacy

  • He aims to help others realize and achieve their potential. As a mentor, coach, and motivational speaker, Omar helps his clients focus on their goals and find their passion.

Advice on how to be All-In & What’s the first step moving forward?:

  • Attitude. Changing your attitude is the most important thing because it has an effect on everything else in your lif

Defining living in your Purpose:

  1. You must have the Lord in your life
  2. You must listen to God and what he says to you
  3. You must check yourself every day to monitor your goals
  • Passion Purpose Results

Favorite Quote:

  • “Success is a continuous journey towards a predetermined of pre-determined, worthwhile goal.” – Tom Hopkins

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