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57: Behavioral optometrist, Dr. Kimberley Linert

Daniel Giordano


In this episode of The All-In Podcast, Daniel speaks with Dr. Kimberley Linert, a behavioral optometrist and host of the Incredible Life Creator Podcast. As a child, Dr. Linert had an aunt who was a doctor. This provided an inspiration for a career in optometry – the best fit for someone who wasn’t a fan of blood.

During her pediatric therapy rotation, Dr. Linert worked with a 9-year old boy who was doing poorly in school. After implementing a series of vision-brain exercises, she discovered that the problem stemmed from the child’s inability to read and the pushback he received from his classmates. As he progressed, the child began to smile and enjoy their sessions together. It helped Dr. Linert see the power of therapy, as well as the importance of what she did. 

Then an untimely divorce and a family emergency led Dr. Linert to reevaluate her career. She realized that she was working too much and needed to adjust her priorities. In response, Dr. Linert rearranged her schedule and left more time for rest and family. That enabled her to better serve herself and her clients.

Dr. Linert’s purpose never changed, but the practical application of her passion did. For many, life does not have a simple trajectory. There will always be challenges. It’s what you do with those obstacles that show who you are. 

As someone who has dedicated her life to ‘vision,’ Dr. Linert encourages everyone to ‘see’ their problems from a different perspective. What are the choices? Which direction is the most beneficial to pursue? Feelings will always change, but it’s important to say focused on what matters. Dr. Linert describes this process as being a ‘fish out of water.’

Unfortunately, stress can derail the most well-intentioned pursuit. By staying in tune with your peripheral and central vision, you can return to a relaxed state and become who you were meant to be.


  • Dr. Linert’s background and early career.
  • Breaking the pattern and pursuing your dream.
  • Pivotal moments- Why Dr. Linert reorganized her life.
  • What is your ultimate purpose?
  • Life does not have a simple trajectory, even with a happy ending.
  • Changing your perception.
  • The relationship between vision and stress.
  • How to create a vision for your life.


  • “I get to help people, and I don’t have to deal with needles or bodily fluids too much.” – Dr. Kimberley Linert
  • “I don’t think I’m going to have enough life to do all the things I want to do.” – Dr. Kimberley Linert 
  • “Go into your heart, what is it that makes your engine rev? What is it that makes you get up out of the bed in the morning? – Dr. Kimberley Linert 
  • “So many of us get caught up in life and forget those little, childlike dreams that we used to have.” – Daniel 
  • “Any time when you’re in the unknown, when you’re in transition, when you’re at a crossroads, is the best time ever. A little scary, a little unsettling, but you can choose whatever you want to choose at that moment.” – Dr. Kimberley Linert
  • “The vision that you’re helping people create in their life, it starts with their own eyes.” – Daniel 
  • “Do the thing that you’re most comfortable with and be focused on it.” – Daniel 


About Dr. Kimberley

Dr. Kimberley Linert is a pioneering behavioral optometrist, founder of the Optic Brainfit Foundation and host of the Incredible Life Creator Podcast. Dr. Linert specializes in creating change, not just inspiring it. She works with a wide variety of clients, from corporate executives to professional athletes.

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LinkedIn- Dr. Kimberley Linert Incredible Life Creator

Facebook- @incrediblelifecreator

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