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100: Ben Golden, CEO and Owner of IRS Trouble Solvers

Daniel Giordano


Whatever else is going on – pandemic, job loss, grief or dislocation – there’s no escaping that looming April 15th deadline. This episode of The All-In Podcast tackles tax season head-on with Ben Golden, an enrolled agent and pro who specializes in navigating tricky situations involving the IRS. He’s here to say that many good people wind up ensnared in tax liability for all kinds of reasons, which is why his firm, located in several states, is focused on both developing strategies to resolve outstanding tax problems and creating plans to avert trouble in the future. The goal is simply to pay the amount you owe; not a penny more or less.

This episode features helpful tips on what to do if you’re the unlucky recipient of a letter from the IRS (don’t hide from it!) and the two key questions you’ll need to answer quickly. Most importantly, Ben provides some helpful ground rules to protect you from landing on the IRS radar, which generally only ensnares about 7% of taxpayers annually. So fear not! There are tax professionals out there to keep you on track. Even if you’re feeling lost in the weeds, it’s always better (and less costly) to face whatever reality sooner than later.

Visit this website to ask questions and learn more about IRS Problem Solvers and their services.


  • Ben discovered his passion for holding the IRS accountable when he was himself the victim of tactics designed to force him to pay $171,000 in taxes for which he wasn’t responsible.
  • The overall philosophy for Ben’s business is rooted in a desire to make sure everyone pays their fair share of taxes – no more or less.
  • When it comes to the IRS, there are two fundamental questions:
    • Do I owe them money?
    • If so, can I pay it?
  • Depending on your scenario, Ben has a variety of strategies to manage whatever the tax situation.
  • You’ve just gotten a dreaded letter from the IRS? Ben advises:
    • Don’t avoid. Open the letter and find out what they’re saying.
    • File your taxes on time. Even if you can’t pay in full, at least you won’t accrue penalties for filing late.
    • Use an established tax professional. Seek a referral and check reviews.
  • The Stuff of Life: Ben shares that he loves work and considers it as absorbing as some of his favorite hobbies, like Plinking and hanging out with family.
  • Ben’s got a few suggestions for insulating audit risk:
    • Some W2s and other tax forms can be slow to arrive, so don’t file too early.
    • Make sure you’ve covered all bases: disposal of property or crypto, for instance.
  • The Big Picture: Ben’s firm is dedicated to solving tax problems through tax planning deployed as a preemptive strike.
  • Ben’s firm includes about 20 attorneys, CPAs and Enrolled Agents who argue court cases, attend audits, do collection work.
  • When it comes to tax planning, there’s no one-size-fits-all. IRS Trouble Solvers focuses on creating custom plans tailored to clients’ specific needs and goals.
  • You have to be ready to do the work: Ben and his team can provide solutions, but they can’t provide resolution without a willing partner ready to make necessary changes.
  • IRS Trouble Solvers’ Four Cornerstones:
    • Change: You have to be willing to change.
    • Time: You have to be willing to invest time and be patient with IRS processes.
    • Investment: You have to make tax issues a priority to which you’re committed.
    • Accountability: You won’t reap any rewards until you’re fully ready to take responsibility for repairing whatever damage.
  • Bad things happen to good people – including when it comes to getting behind on taxes because of unpredictable life events and stresses. Ben’s team is about helping folks get back on track


  • “If the IRS is going to try to bully a professional, then they’re going to try to bully anyone … and I don’t like anyone to be bullied at all.”
  • “I’m here to advocate for the client and make sure all the rules are properly followed.”
  • “Only about 7% of returns are audited … (So) as long as you do your best to keep your nose clean, you’ll be fine.”
  • “From a business standpoint, the No. 1 expense that you have with little return or nothing you can put in your pocket is taxes. You don’t get anything tangible for it.”
  • “I want to create a custom plan around you so your situation will be strategically placed to get you out of a problem situation.”

About Ben:

Ben is a Certified Tax Coach as well as a Certified Tax Planner. He’s also an Enrolled Agent with a booming tax resolution and planning firm. He knows what it’s like to be on the wrong side of the desk from the IRS and therefore it’s his goal to teach other tax professionals how to avoid the IRS for their clients, as well as teach other tax professionals the secrets to tax planning. 

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Telephone: 877-447-7529

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