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74: Christina Hills, Empowering People to Move Their Business Forward

Daniel Giordano


On this episode of the All-In Podcast, Daniel speaks with Christina Hills, formerly the Shopping Cart Queen and now an entrepreneur passionate about empowering people to move their businesses forward.

Christina shares her background and how she came from a demanding career in the film and television industry to being a work-from-home mom helping clients to create websites and online courses to move their business forward. She and Daniel discuss what it’s like to be entrepreneurial parents with the desire to spend more time at home with kids.

As Christina built her own business, she notes that one of the biggest challenges was figuring out what was a good opportunity and what was not a good opportunity. She says that there is tons of business to be had, you simply have to discern which opportunities are right for you and which ones you need to let go.

One of the big takeaways for listeners considering exiting their career or launching something new is the Saturday Morning Test, which Christina explains in this episode. Does what you want to launch get you excited enough to get out of bed on a Saturday morning? She reminds listeners that you don’t have to be an expert, you just have to really like the market you’re in and turn to the expertise you need.

At the end, Christina and Daniel talk about the spiritual aspect of business, what sort of people her business tends to attract, trusting your gut, and letting the right clients find their way to you.


  • Christina’s background and how she got to be an entrepreneur
  • Working from home as an entrepreneur
  • The hardest part about building her business: evaluating opportunities
  • The Saturday Morning Test is Christina’s advice for someone considering launching something new
  • Christina’s desire to make technology simple and empower people to move their business forward
  • Competition and attracting the right clients
  • Trusting your gut and using intuition


  • “I teach people not to be web designers but to be in control of their marketing and their website using WordPress.”
  • “People always see the success that we have in business, but they don’t see the challenges, the failures, the frustrations, maybe some of the late nights burning the midnight oil.”
  • “There’s tons of business out there, you just have to be good at discerning: ‘Is this one right for me or should I let it go?’ That’s the hardest part about being an entrepreneur.”
  • “Websites – they’re digital but they do have vibrations, right? They communicate something to people.”
  • “Your right client’s going to hear you, going to see you, going to listen to your message and be attracted to you.”
  • “I think people early in their business don’t trust their gut and the more I trust my gut, the more it works for me.”
  • “That’s what makes being an entrepreneur so exciting is because you get to move through this entrepreneurial path and it’s a little bit different for everybody.”

About Christina Hills

Christina Hills, a successful entrepreneur, grew up in New York City, attended high school and college in Boston, then moved to Los Angeles right after college and worked in the film and television industry doing special effects. Once her baby girl made her a mother, she quit her demanding job and became an online entrepreneur to be able to spend more time at home and have a flexible schedule.

After a time helping clients set up online shopping carts, she focused on providing online classes for website creation. Now, she loves to teach technology, breaking it down to make it simple for those who aren’t technology gurus.



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