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9: Communicating with the world heart to heart with Kimberly Zink

Daniel Giordano

About Kimberly Zink

Kimberly Zink is a confident, trusting, peaceful, and joyful woman who is committed to leading and helping others embody their greatness.

After a career in insurance and network marketing, Kimberly walked into the rooms of Klemmer and Associates, and since then, the last 10 years have been a true blessing to her and her family.

Over the years of advancing she has been promoted to President of K&A. As a Senior facilitator of Advanced Leadership, Youth Leadership, and Champion Workshops she has been with thousands of people all over the world in three languages

Kimberly is a compassionate wife and an involved mother and she is committed to loving the world with an open heart.

What drives Kimberly Zink?

  • Kimberly has 4 Children from ages 4 to 24 but there is more to her why.  She gets to be in an industry of personal growth and living outside of the normal concept of what life should be.  LISTEN UP as she explains what she gets to see from doing so.

Most Influential Person:

  • Get ready to go down the list of mentors with Kimberly. She has had numerous people as mentors. Brian Klemmer, Jim Stovall, and her mother to name a few.

Life’s Lowest Point:

  • Being through sexual abuse, illness, abusive relationship, mommy and daddy issues did not keep Kimberly down.  LISTEN UP how she uses these pains for opportunities to make true Compassionate Samurai

Define Success:

  • Getting to work with youth and having a relationship with God. LISTEN UP as she shares what part of the day gives her a feeling of success.

Define living in your Purpose:

  • Understanding to be a loving mother, a good wife, LISTEN UP as she shares how she understands how pain can be viewed as a place that needs a bridge to reach healing. Kimberly can help you cross the bridge even if you feel life is good.

Favorite Quote:

  • “It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.” – Marianne Williamson

What are the things you do that help you keep moving each day?

  • Kimberly’s uses the ability of using facts and their meaning to better serve her on a day to day basis. Check out what the word surrender means to Kimberly  LISTEN UP as Kimberly explains EFT Emotional Freedom Technique and how she uses Prayer and Meditation.

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