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16: Creating a Legacy with Guthrie Chamberlain

Daniel Giordano

About Guthrie Chamberlain

Guthrie Chamberlain is considered among his peers to be an entrepreneur specialist with exceptional wisdom and insight that enables his clients to succeed with integrity and build a living legacy. He is focused on assisting small businesses and entrepreneurs start and grow their business to maximize profitability and cash flow while streamlining their companies for efficiency.

He also has over 35 years of senior management experience in operations, business strategy, budgeting, profit & loss responsibility, project management, custom programming and implementation/integration of technology services. As a follower of Christ he possess 35 years of church leadership and ministry responsibilities. He is an exceptional problem solver, driven to succeed with strong interpersonal and entrepreneurial skills. He focuses on being an excellent mentor with communication and his presentation skills that will benefit your entire business, church, and non-profit organization.

Guthrie’s Story:

He was one of ten children and learned how to work hard on the farm early and also learned to live by God’s word. He met his wife in college and was married after he graduated. They had 5 kids within a 6 year span. In 1985 he started a technology company and had it for 17 years and grew it to 3 locations and 50 employees and 5 to 6 million in sales. In the last years he merged with 2 other companies in similar fields which proved to be difficult. He finished selling the business in 2002.

Luckily he started a consulting business in 2000 called Venture Consulting Group. Once he closed his first business he had to liquidate his inventory through eBay and helped other business do the same. Then they shifted to a more traditional business consulting business model. They currently have a handful of clients that allow his wife and himself to work from home.

Defining Success:

  • He foresees the teaching and values of his faith to carry on through his family. LISTEN UP has he talks about leaving a legacy with his podcast.

Most Influential Person:

LISTEN UP as he also speaks about his wife impacting his life.

Biggest Challenges:

  • Overall biggest challenge for Guthrie was closing down his 17 year old business which impacted him negatively financially. LISTEN UP as he explains his daily challenge with his family.

Life’s Lowest Point:

  • Having to go through a lawsuit while closing his business and then helping another business which resided far away in the city and he had to be away from his family during the week to liquidate their inventory for 3 months. LISTEN UP as Guthrie explains his outlook and how it served him to get through this difficult time and how long it took him. Dan dig a little deeper to find out some of the details during this difficult time.

Impacting the World and Defining living in your Purpose:

  • LISTEN UP to hear how his faith plays a role in his effort of impacting the world.

Advice on how to be All-In:

  • Guthrie explains that he ends his podcast with these 7 habits of success on a daily basis:
    1. Live Abundantly / Fully
    2. Love Unconditionally
    3. Listen Intentionally
    4. Learn Continuously
    5. Lend to Other Generously
    6. Lead with Integrity
    7. Leave a living Legacy each day
  • LISTEN UP as he gives us a bonus advice

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