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Daniel Giordano shares the ALL IN story

Daniel Giordano

About Dan

Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA Daniel started to work with his dad at the age of 8 in the family’s painting business by the time he was 15 he was running the company with his father. After high school Daniel did what most kids do, go to college because that is what we are told to do. He realized in his 3rd year, that college was not for him. Feeling like his income earning potential would be capped aside from being trapped in an office. He then worked in the fitness industry for a short while. His first passion was when he started a historic and victorian restoration company. It was here that he learned how to start to build a business with over 22 employees and was able build a successful sought after company in this specialized industry.

A defining moment for Daniel was when he and his wife had their second child and recognized that he wanted to be the dad that was going to be home with his family. He then stumbled into the affiliate marketing industry back in 2000 and from there was able to create a dream lifetsyle for him and his family. Dan’s accomplishments have enabled him to meet some extraordinary people in every industry he has worked in. Although he believes that everyone is extraordinary and has greatness in them. Daniel now wants share with the world his experiences and encourage people top get off the sidelines of life, get ALL IN and create their legacy. The All-in Podcast show will help you understand how to achieve greatness in different aspects of life and how to positively impact the world.

Biggest Mistakes:

  • Wrong choices and associations that led to losing millions of dollars with real estate and bad investments like many others during the crash

Epiphany – Decide to Go All-In Moment:

  • Working in a 10 million dollar home looking at the ocean deciding that something has to give, something has to change. The motivation was that he wanted to be the dad that was going to be there for his wife and kids.

Advice on how to be All-In:

  • Radical change has to happen in your life if you are to reroute the direction you’re headed. LISTEN UP as Daniel shares what changes he and his family had to make.
  • Also Clear intention and follow through commitment are needed to be successful.

Why is Dan All In?

  • To be the Dad and husband he is called to be.
  • Committment to his business and the people he is serving.

Defining living in your Purpose:

  • Doing the things you say you want and follow through to reach the goals and dreams you want for you.

Nugget of Knowledge:

  • Somebody needs to hear your story, it may be your story that may be the only one that can make them move.

Call to Action Questions:

  • Are you really all in with focus?
  • Are you really committed to what you say you want?
  • Are you willing to work for it?
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