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64: Dr. Amanda Barrientez of NFA Money & Business Coaching

Daniel Giordano


This episode of the All-In Podcast features Daniel’s conversation with a dynamo money coach who has gone from food stamps to a thriving practice helping people from all walks of life shift their wealth-building paradigm. Dr. Amanda Barrientez shares a bit about the “No F***ing Around” (NFA) philosophy that transformed her from a broke, single mother of three in pursuit of a PhD into a visionary entrepreneur, podcast host and trusted adviser. She’s on her way to meeting her long-term goal to impact 5 million people and run a seven-figure business.

Daniel asks about first steps, stumbling blocks and the journey Amanda has taken since abandoning scarcity thinking, quelling her self-critic and latching on to daily strategies that nurture balance and growth. You’ll hear tips and tricks for cultivating joy and learn why it is that Amanda especially dreams of using her teaching skills to support and inspire aspirational women, particularly those who share her Native American and Mexican lineage. 


  • An introduction to Amanda, her unique NFA brand and how she came to the realization that she was born to be a coach.
  • The shift from feeling like a marginalized single mom to embracing a wealth-building paradigm that saw Amanda earning six figures in her first year of business.
  • Taking that initial step: The key to making strides in life is committing to risk and change.
  • Staying in the “head game” is a perennial challenge: A big money block can be scarcity thinking. Meditation and intentionality keep Amanda moving forward day to day.
  • The main focus of NFA coaching: Raising consciousness around “competing beliefs” and money blocks fueled by issues like imposter syndrome and inner critic self-doubt.
  • Advice for taking that next step: Follow your joy! If you feel disempowered and awaken each morning feeling bad, something is off. Get aligned and look for a different next thing – whatever tiny step – that gives pleasure and serenity.
  • Feeling fired up and alive is what attracts success and success begets more fuel for feeling fire up!
  • What Amanda hopes to accomplish – her vision and legacy:
    • Teaching people to make a fundamental shift of outlook through her podcasts, books, one-to-one coaching.
    • Breaking the cycle of poverty and empowering women, particularly women who share Amanda’s Native American and Mexican ancestry.
    • Creating a scholarship specifically dedicated to helping entrepreneurial women in need of educational and financial support.
  • Finding the balance between inspiring clients and maintaining essential self-care:
    • Consistent exercise.
    • Journaling on a daily basis.
    • Listen to inspiring podcasts and audible books.
    • Reading books that support personal growth, goals and dreams.
    • Flex days to accommodate different daily rhythms with space to create without structure.
  • Introducing and transitioning to new programs sometimes provokes Amanda’s inner critic, creating hesitation and insecurity. Solution: A little extra planning to build confidence and clear communication.


  • “Everybody who knows me knows that I’m very NFA (No F***ing Around) in everything I do. Deep love. Deep commitment to what I do in my work. Anything I’m doing, I’m NFA about it.”
  • “You have to realize, ‘I’m the center of my universe and I’m the one who has to change it, because no one is going to come in and rescue or save me.’”
  • “I used to believe that having money solves all problems … but we all have pretty much the same problems, just at a different scale.”
  • “We all have inner critic doubts. We all have fears and uncertainties. Even if you’ve made a ton of money, you’re afraid you’re going to lose it.”
  • “You’ve got to do the work so you can shift and get into that fired-up state.”
  • “I love learning. I learn something every single day of my life.”
  • “You always need a coach. I don’t care what level you’re at – there’s always a next level to go to.”

About Dr. Amanda Barrientez

Dr. Amanda Barrientez is a NFA – No F***ing Around/NeuroFreedom® Alignment – Business Consultant who helps entrepreneurs unblock and more than double their money using her proprietary Manifesting ProfitsTM strategies. She’s on a quest to teach driven business builders how to make way more money doing exactly what they love to do.

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