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34: From Welfare to Living the American Dream with Howard Partridge

Daniel Giordano

About Howard Partridge​

Howard has a unique knack for being able to coach people, and he’s on a daily basis impacting thousands of people worldwide.

Howard is originally from Lower Alabama and grew up in a family of 7 kids in quite a rundown old shack surviving on welfare. At 18 years he moved to Houston. He started his career being a professional waiter and married into an Italian family using the money he got from Wedding presents to start his own business from the trunk of his car. After learning 2 important lessons from Michael Gerber – (1) You gotta have systems in your business and (2) you have to understand what your primary aim is he started to coach other business owners to use their own unique systems, and has continued to do so for 20 years.

To get into the coaching side of the business Howard started writing articles, talking at seminars and found that people just liked the systems that he had and what he had to say, and this led on to the successful career that he has today.

One of the greatest associations that Howard has is with Zig Ziglar and his family which first lead to him creating some video content for clients, and then led onto contributing a quote and a chapter to Zig’s final book, and eventually becoming the small business coach for Ziglar.

Lessons Learned from Michael Gerber:

  • Get people in with the lowest level of experience and develop their skills to your own liking.
  • You’ve got to have systems and communicate to these people properly.

A Day In The Life

  • Get up at 6:30 AM
  • Read a chapter of the bible and pray, start working on projects.
  • Live member Webcast.
  • Ensure to eat properly and take exercise.

Faith is everything – Howard is a born again Christian and proud of it, but he has no issue with people who are non-believers. At his conferences he does a Spiritual night – a time to share faith and share prayers with each other.

Plans for 2016 include how Howard wants to bring his groups to cities around the world to help small business owners.

One Tip from Howard to Business Owners:

  • Get a coach that will help you find that one focussing question in your life that will solve all your major issues. Every successful person in business no matter how famous or successful has a coach. Howard himself has 2 coaches and a strength trainer.


  • Howard has a network of Mentors and Clients that in his own words ‘ kick his butt ‘ and keep him focussed on the job at hand. They have no hesitation in telling him if he deviates from his principles, and Howard refers to this as his Community, which is so important.

Favorite Quote:

  • “I’ll not only see you at the top, but I’ll see you ‘Over the Top’ “

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