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Getting motivated around diet and exercise can be a challenge, but this episode of the All-In podcast introduces a wellness coach and author whose energy is an irresistible motivator. Dan welcomes Gav Gillibrand, a nutritionist and physical trainer whose methods have equipped thousands of followers with the strategy and practical tools to tackle unwanted pounds – and vanquish them once and for all. Gav, who has written a book on the subject, believes that any fitness program is doomed when it’s overly restrictive. So the trick is creating sustainability through a simple understanding of calories in, calories out – and how to manage accordingly.

You’ll enjoy hearing about Gav’s eclectic professional path, which included some major detours – a stint on a popular British reality dating show and nearly two decades of global touring as a male stripper. While performance and entertainment might seem unlikely as resume-builders, Gav actually learned life lessons that are essential to the people skills, compassion and practicality he brings to his busy, executive clients today.

When it comes to fitness and weight loss, the mechanical piece is of course straightforward. It’s the psychological aspect that consumes at least 70% of Gav’s coaching time. Unpacking and understanding our emotional relationship with food is the first order of business. Without that clarity (and accountability), says Gav, it’s impossible to disengage from reflexive habits that do not serve. Once those doors have been unlocked, however, we’re all capable of moving towards a lifetime plan that leaves us satisfied, fueled, inspired and ready to go!

Click here to learn more about Gav’s book, “The GHG Method: A No ‘Bullshit’ Approach to Losing Body Fat, Upgrading Your Mind Set & Radically Changing Your Life”. Or click here for a free consultation with Gav.

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  • Gav shares a bit about his early life and obsession with all things sports and fitness, ultimately taking a detour from academics to become a personal trainer and returning to university having become a male stripper with a TV following from his appearance on “Blind Date,” a popular dating show in the UK at that time. Upon graduation he wound up going on tour and performing as an entertainer/stripper internationally until the age of 30. That’s the point at which he went full-on into fitness & nutrition coaching.
  • About transitioning: Daniels asks what it was that helped Gav reorient himself and commit to becoming a coach. Fitness and nutrition were already central to his livelihood as a stripper, so the relationship was very complementary.
  • Gav’s life experience as a stripper has proved crucial to his approach and success in the wellness industry. It gave him perspectives, experiences and human interactions that form the basis for much of his approach to clients and business development today.
  • Gav’s typical client is a man or woman ages 40-55, usually (but not always) married with kids. They are very often busy executives with 30 pounds or more to lose, who have tried everything.
  • Gav’s job as a coach is largely about providing credible information that people lack:
    • Dispelling weight loss myths.
    • Telling people the truth (about things like calories and exercise).
    • Helping them eat food and exercise in a way that’s not so restrictive that it’s unsustainable.
  • Much of his program is about helping clients understand the calories in, calories out concept and establish a personalized program that will work for them in the long term.
  • When it comes to achieving results, the mechanics of diet and exercise are the (relatively) easy part. What Gav sees as the major hurdle? All the psychological factors that play into our emotional connection with food:
    • Self-esteem
    • Self-image
    • Self-sabotage
    • Self-limiting beliefs
  • Food is the one addictive substance that humans have no choice but to have in their life, so the trick is figuring out how to co-exist and separate out emotional behaviors that do not serve. For Gav, that constitutes at least 70% of the substance of his coaching.
  • Unconscious eating is generally connected at some level with other psychological issues that are asking to be uncovered and addressed.
  • Getting a Jumpstart: Gav suggests that anyone looking to lose weight start by tracking calories. Create a food log and get familiar with the caloric measures of food in, energy out. That will set the stage for making some meaningful changes.
  • Gav provides further resources, information and resources (links below).


  • “If I didn’t do a 17-hear hiatus (touring as a stripper), I don’t think I’d still be doing fitness and nutrition now. I learned so much, met so many people, great life experience you could never, ever get in a typical corporate lifestyle.”
  • “Maybe 20 years ago (my clients) were in quite good shape, but they’ve let things slide as they spent all their time building their business, making money or career or family.”
  • “People don’t understand how calories work, how you lose weight. It’s a strange topic … that can be very confusing.”
  • “When I mention the word diet, straightaway people think rabbit food, salads, gym five days a week, no booze, no carbohydrates.”
  • “My job is to teach people they can still have a life, they can still enjoy carbohydrates, drink a few drinks every week, if we can control the numbers. It’s all about calories in, calories out.”
  • “The mechanical side can be taught in half an hour. The (more complex) psychological aspect comes down to self-image, self-esteem, self-sabotage, self-limiting beliefs.”
  • “If information was all we needed, everyone would be rich, skinny and happy!”
  • “It’s not information, it’s implementation. Actually sticking to it and being consistent and recognizing, ‘Why do I do what I do?’ ”

About Gav:

Gav is a fitness & nutrition expert who specializes in helping busy entrepreneurs lose 20 pounds or more in 12 weeks without cutting carbs, alcohol & other fun stuff from their lives. His unique take on fat loss has led to him building a community of 35k+ followers on LinkedIn. He’s also the author of
“The GHG Method:  A No ‘Bullshit’ Approach to Losing Body Fat, Upgrading Your Mind Set & Radically Changing Your Life.” 

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