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67: Harry Duran, Podcast Strategist and Owner of the Podcast Platform Fullcast

Daniel Giordano


This episode of the All-In Podcast highlights the colorful journey Daniel’s guest, Harry Duran, has traced from his early life as the child of El Salvadoran immigrants growing up in Yonkers, New York, to his years working in a traditionally corporate environment to entrepreneurial and construction ventures to ultimately pioneering a podcast platform that today brings all kinds of disparate voices to life.

In addition to being a podcast host himself, Harry’s full-service company, FullCast, provides keen marketing and digital production skills to others. His offerings include end-to-end support for business leaders interested in leaving a lasting legacy through the medium of podcasting – from launch to production to marketing and support in building brand focus and recognition. Harry shares with Daniel his unique backstory and detours he took along the way to becoming a successful podcast strategist.

The road of course hasn’t been without its bumps. Daniel elicits thoughts from Harry on early challenges as well as his vision going forward. The heart of FullCast is helping others – across the spectrum of interests and stories – find and amplify their voice. Enjoy this candid conversation about living authentically and out loud!

Harry’s book recommendation, “Who Not How: The Formula to Achieve Bigger Goals Through Accelerating Teamwork, is available here.


  • Harry’s early life as the child of El Salvadoran immigrants growing in Yonkers, NY, as well as stints in Atlanta and Los Angeles.
  • How Harry’s career progressed from the 9-to-5 world of banking to the world, back to the corporate world into a period of construction work and ultimately to where he has landed today.
  • Initially Harry built an app called “Know your DJ” and then pivoted to an “Inside the Actor’s Studio” concept for his successful interview podcast in 2014.
  • On the way to launching his full-service podcast agency, Harry learned things not taught in college or the corporate world: Digital marketing, interview skills, business networking, branding and development.
  • Challenges that Harry has met along the way:
    • Dwelling too much on failure (unsuccessful marketing schemes, conference and ads that didn’t penetrate).
    • Neglecting finances and accounting, particularly the basics of entrepreneurship and tax planning.
    • Overly focusing on logistics and artifice rather than making that first dollar.
  • Harry’s top recommendations for entrepreneurs starting out:
    • Clearly identify a pain point and the way you can solve it.
    • Invest in knowledge and preparation (such a coaching).
    • Find your first customer ASAP – and then over-deliver!
  • A harrowing moment in Thailand that changed Harry’s perspective and illuminated the importance of using his authentic voice, not in the future but today.
  • Looking forward, Harry is dedicated to helping others discover and utilize their voice through the medium of podcasting and other forms of digital communication.


  • “I was trying things out (but) the consistent thread was listening to other people’s ideas and then I finally realized that I should probably be listening to my own.”
  • “The thru-line with all of this was this passion I had for music. I still have vinyl and turntables.”
  • “We’re trying to take the cognitive load off of (entrepreneurs) so all they have to do is create content.”
  • “As an entrepreneur you think about how am I going to get this done, but as you start to grow and build your team your question should be: Who can do this for me.”
  • “As I tried more things I became more and more comfortable with failure and, if an idea didn’t pan out, getting up quick, brushing yourself off and saying, ‘OK. Chalk it up to a lesson learned.’ ”
  • “Be honest with yourself as to what your strengths are … (then) figure out what you’re not strong at and get help early on.”
  • “I believe everybody has a story and … there’s a need to share it.”

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