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Jamal Miller, the featured guest on this episode of The All-In Podcast, has followed an entrepreneurial path illuminated by a vivid source of light: The Holy Spirit. With his wife Natasha and a dedicated team, he has built a multi-million-dollar media company that supports faith-based connection, education and inspiration. The Miller Media Group has grown exponentially in recent years, recognized as an Inc. 5000 fastest growing company and featured in a number of publications including BET, Forbes Magazine, Huffington Post, JET Magazine, and the 700 Club. The secret sauce is Jamal’s passion for preaching and spreading a message of hope. It’s contagious! Hear about how a breakfast with Dan came at a crucial fork in Jamal’s road and what he believes have been the biggest stumbling blocks to success so far. Heading into 2022 laser-focused on growing his business, Jamal is all about supporting his family, employees and broader community. And no matter how much he has to celebrate, he remains mindful: “Success feeds your ego. It does not feed your spirit. The more successful you become, the more you have to continue to intentionally humble yourself.”

Click here to learn more about Jamal’s three-week series, “Theology of Purpose” as well as receive access to his free training, “How to Validate Your Business Idea.”

You can learn more about the workshop that kicked off Jamal’s “all-in” investment in himself here.


  • About where and how Jamal grew up, in a “semi-Christian” family in Georgia and Louisiana. As a teenager he felt somewhat adrift, until he was struck by an epiphany that changed the entire direction of his life.
  • Jamal’s path wasn’t pre-ordained but rather something he “divinely stumbled upon” while he had his eyes on other things. He was initially working as a pastor and non-profit mentor, which wasn’t enough to make ends meet once Jamal married. He started to look for additional means of income, and happened into digital marketing by chance.
  • A class for entrepreneurs where Jamal initially felt out of his depth turned out to be the gateway he needed to level up his burgeoning business. Shortly after a breakfast with Daniel, Jamal went “all-in” with a $30,000 investment in growing his venture.
  • Jamal explains the inception of The One University, a membership-based dating website that has helped thousands of Christians looking for their perfect match.
  • His next big venture – which came in a flash of prayerful meditation – was the merging of his passion for spreading the message of Jesus and his skills as a digital entrepreneur.
  • Jamal is now right in the middle of his next big journey, developing a partnership venture somewhat similar to a publishing business model in which his team manages production, social media ads, strategy and other elements for online workshops and forums.
  • About the challenges: Three M’s.
    • Mindset – Stay positive, surrounding yourself with role models and supporters who understand the risks required to move forward.
    • Messaging – Be mindful of whom you’re serving – how and why – as you evolve. Continuing to refine content and staying attuned to the mission and source.
    • Money Management – Business expenses of about $150,000 per month and carrying people’s livelihood is a constant burden.
  • Jamal celebrates his blessings every day – and stays mindful of his mandate to stay humble in order to hear and be nourished by “downloads from heaven.”


  • “I fell in love with God in a way that will forever mark me, where there’s no other love than the love for Jesus. I experienced it myself and that’s what put me on the fast-track to telling the entire world.”
  • “Every single moment that I waste trying to figure things out or get somebody else to teach me is time wasted from me getting closer to the impact that I was created to create in the world.”
  • “I invested in my ability to go and make it happen. I was investing in myself. And I think a lot of people don’t think about that … The moment that you bet on yourself you create this inner competition.”
  • “In this one moment I saw these two seasons of my life collide and it all made sense for what I’m called to do.”
  • “It’s a challenge for me to continue to up-level my mindset at every new level. At every new level, there’s a new devil … It’s a mental battle. Can I do this? Do I have what it takes?”
  • “It’s not easy at all to continue having the focused intentionality to grow in every area of your life.”
  • “Success feeds your ego. It does not feed your spirit. The more successful you become, the more you have to continue to intentionally humble yourself.”
  • “If I’m not in a good place with (the Holy Spirit) then I’m not getting fresh information, fresh downloads from heaven – and that’s what people are coming to me for.”

About Jamal:

Jamal is founder and CEO of Miller Media Group, Inc., which encompasses entrepreneurial ventures such as The One University, an online dating service for Christian singles, and a company that creates online brands at scale, helping thousands transform from the inside out through faith based education. He is a Pastor at heart, who has used business to extend his reach — but more importantly, he is a family man who enjoys every moment he can with his wife Natasha, and their 3 daughters, Harvest, Melodie, and Justice. 

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