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68: Jess Tiffany, CEO of Marketing & Networking University and MNU Digital

Daniel Giordano


On this episode of the All-In Podcast, Daniel is excited to introduce someone who has leveraged the creative use of digital communications to blaze a trail not only for himself but for entrepreneurs of all kinds. Jess Tiffany shares lessons learned over his years of experience as a leading expert in LinkedIn optimization and the author of more than 200 books related to digital and email strategy, lead generation, brand development, social media marketing and executive coaching. With a diverse suite of marketing and networking tools, his Marketing & Networking University (MNU) services raise the profiles of established and aspiring entrepreneurs in myriad ways.

Jess shares not only a bit about his journey to digital innovation (including a re-meet cute story about how he wound up marrying his wife) but also details some of the roadblocks he encountered while building his business and tips for new authors who often don’t realize that publication is the start – not the end – of the marketing road.

Enjoy an interesting chat between two fathers who share a common bond in their commitment to pursuing entrepreneurial dreams while preserving quality family life.


  • A bit about Jess and his journey from a small town in North Dakota to reconnecting with a childhood love in Minnesota to launching his successful publishing and marketing ventures.
  • How an early experience selling Avon sparked a long-running career encompassing self-published books, marketing and entrepreneurial thought leadership.
  • Inevitable setbacks Jess has had to navigate:
    • An excess of “big picture” thinking at the expense of core mission.
    • Learning not to be distracted by shiny new ideas.
    • Imposter Syndrome: The need to shift his mindset away from self-defeating judgment and comparison with others in the field.
  • How Jess narrowed his focus and identified e-publishing as a priority, in the process becoming an expert and author (200 books and counting) with bestselling marketing campaigns.
  • LinkedIn and other factors that were the source of Jess’s network and emphasis on serving entrepreneurs.
  • Jess’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs in search of clarity:
    • Cultivate your personal brand.
    • Consider self-publishing a book for search engine optimization.
    • Have integrity and high standards.
  • The biggest challenges Jess tends to face with new authors:
    • Helping them understand that writing a book doesn’t necessarily generate much revenue.
    • Developing some sort of back-end funnel to extend and capitalize on eBook publications (links for a newsletter, marketing materials, speaking opportunities).
    • Learning how to use being an author as a springboard into greater credibility and visibility.
  • Jess’s ultimate goal is to have the right team in place to enable him to walk away while his business continues to thrive (even as steps away to travel and spend more time with his family).


  • “It was a big, long path getting to where we are today, but sales led to more sales led to a business.”
  • “Sometimes you have to let go of some of the brilliant ideas you have – or think you have – along the way.”
  • “You can judge yourself based on the success of other people and it kind of defeats your brain … so it’s important to get over that and realize, ‘I do have value.’ ”
  • “In the process of serving you get better and better and better at delivering the products that you’re offering.”
  • “Even if you have a company, you really want to work on your personal brand.”
  • “Writing a book doesn’t make you very much money. It’s a gateway into bigger things.”
  • “(The challenge is) bringing in the right people to grow and sustain the business so you could walk away from it. And I don’t mean walk away completely, but as far as being able to buy a lot of time back and give it to family.”

About HArry

As owner of Marketing and Networking University, Jess combines education knowledge, experience on the job at 3M and a lifelong passion for sales and marketing. He has authored more than 200 books and developed a personal brand featured across multiple digital platforms. His MNU offerings give entrepreneurs and business leaders the tools they need to access powerful platforms such as LinkedIn and e-publishing to generate revenue, opportunity and credibility.

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