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86: Ken Kladouris, Partner & President, Platinum Wealth Group

Daniel Giordano


For ambitious strivers it may sound counterintuitive, but Daniel’s guest on this episode of The All-In Podcast explains why slowing down is critical to speeding things up. Ken Kladouris, Partner & President of Platinum Wealth Group, shares his journey from hard-driving real estate investor to master of stillness. A seasoned wealth advisor and author of “Get There! Chart Your Course to Abundance and Live the Life You Desire,” Ken has developed a tailor-made approach to cultivating financial abundance. The cornerstone? A stillness practice. Far from the stock image of an isolated monk, Ken brings a fresh perspective to the ancient art of meditation. In silence he has found transformational power that he’s excited to share with others who aspire to wealth in the fullest sense of the word.

By becoming aligned with his “why” Ken has recognized his true purpose: Coaching others to connect with themselves and find personal power through a quieting of the mind. He recounts the story of his thunderbolt moment and how his practice evolved from that burst of clarity. He tells Daniel about his personal experience as well commitment to helping others establish similarly life-changing practices at silent retreats he plans to host in the coming years. This episode offers some tips for moving toward self-mastery through deeply intentional inner reflection. It’s all a journey – one that Ken would never have predicted for himself as a young, ambitious real estate investor. But the gifts Ken has found in stillness are as evident as the inspiring vision he’s eager to share!

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  • A bit about Ken’s upbringing in Southern California and the early interest in real estate that gave him a sense of focus and purpose.
  • Ken’s career had taken off and he was doing better than anyone expected at a very young age when he realized he’d hit his marks and now … what? He was on vacation in the Cayman Islands when a moment of stillness yielded enormous clarity and vision. He returned home knowing it was time to create something new in order to live in the abundance and freedom he’d glimpsed.
  • Setting the Stage: Ken got intentional, listing three goals to support his desire to pursue growth and develop self-mastery (all of which he has achieved):
    • He decided to establish his own office, separate from his previous group firm.
    • He vowed to write a book.
    • He committed to learn how to sail.
  • Silence proved a pivotal ingredient in Ken’s deepening journey, both professionally and personally. Meditation and stillness are still fundamental daily practices.
  • More about sailing: After years of watching boats in the harbor, Ken realized it was time to follow his curiosity – and take action. He signed up for an eight-week class and followed the path, racking up 200 hours his first year. He went from never having sailed to chartering to becoming a joint sailboat owner.
  • Ken reflects on setbacks: Meditation has helped him order his priorities, attending most closely to the top 20% and then subsets of that. His increased focus and sense of quiet engagement keeps challenges in perspective.
  • Those he interacts with notice Ken’s demeanor and the changes that have accompanied his stillness practice. There is a palpable sense of calm and freedom from rumination.
  • What lies ahead: Ken has some huge goals, the most immediate of which is to share his life-changing experience with extended silent meditation retreats, which he plans to host in an effort to empower others.
  • The Big Vision: Ken wants to destigmatize silent meditation and broadcast its real-world applications. Many successful people have utilized such practices, but often under the radar. The hope is to dispel some of the negative stereotypes associated with meditation and substitute the powerfully positive aspects.
  • Ken shares thoughts on where self-actualization starts.
    • First, you have to know that it’s possible to change.
    • Slow down. If you keep moving without intent, you’re spinning your tires.
    • Cut through the noise and define what looks like happiness and success.


  • “In an instant this wave of clarity and sense of freedom came over me. All of my limiting beliefs and thoughts just disappeared. I was left completely vulnerable, but also free and abundant. It was an incredible experience.”
  • “I was able to pursue all (my goals) and in a way that I didn’t feel stressed or overwhelmed. It all felt natural and like I was doing the right thing. I think all that came from the stillness I developed from my meditation practice and silence.”
  • “What my stillness practice does is allow me to be sharper, more present in the moment with clients, prospects, podcasts, whatever I’m on so that people feel I’m more engaged – and I am. Everything just flows more naturally.”
  • “Spending five days in silence was by far the most life-changing thing I’ve ever done.”
  • “I want to show people that if you want to be successful and be the most authentic, best person you can be, you need to know what that looks like and clear out all the noise. And the best way to do that is in silence.”
  • “I want to have everyday business owners talking about how much they’ve learned about themselves, their business and life (through meditation) and strive to be the best people they can be. I want to be the go-to person for that.”
  • “Once you can get out of that vicious cycle, the thought and the chaos that goes on around you and in your head, everything changes.”

About Ken:

Ken is an esteemed wealth advisor and published author who believes you should be living your life, by design. His focus is on curating securitized real estate for investors seeking to defer taxes through a 1031 exchange. Ken’s book “Get There! Chart Your Course to Abundance and Live the Life You Desire,” was developed as a tool that helps individuals discover the clarity they need to design their financial future. 

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