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On this episode of the All-In Podcast, Daniel talks to Lance Krek, an entrepreneur involved on the retail side of the cannabis industry.

Lance sees the benefits of cannabis, especially for medicinal purposes. His passion for the industry enabled him to successfully transition from military life to the business realm. From boots to business and no prior formal business training, Lance initially faced adversity as an entrepreneur, yet he was determined to strive for excellence in the cannabis industry.

Lance also expresses a couple advantages of his position within the industry. First, the retail side has given him a great perspective of how the process functions from the endpoint. And second, he wants to educate the public about cannabis and how it can be used safely and responsibly.

Though a noticeable stigma still lingers within the cannabis industry, Lance hopes that the product will be treated more like alcohol – not in the sense that it can be abused, yet in the sense that it should be easily accessible, regulated efficiently, and taxed fairly.


  • Lance shares his background as a military child and his journey serving in the Army.
  • His transition from military life to the business world and the challenges he faced during the career switch.
  • Why he chose the cannabis industry, and the advantages Lance sees from the retail side.
  • The stigma of cannabis and how the benefits should outweigh the cons – Lance draws parallels to other substances that can be used versus abused, such as alcohol or prescription drugs.
  • What Lance hopes the industry will look like in the future, and he will continue to be an advocate for global access for cannabis.
  • Lance shares advice for potential entrepreneurs and business owners.


  • “It pulled on my heartstrings to see the parents that weren’t so fortunate, with the children that were struggling with autism…and seeing how cannabis in the anecdotal form was facilitating the turnaround for all these ailments…and it made me re-evaluate priorities.”
  • “The entrepreneurial side was motivating me to do this for myself and my family, and if I was going to do this successfully, I didn’t want to do it half-assed.”
  • “You’re all in or you’re all out, and I was all in, and I wasn’t going to stop.”
  • “An idea is great, but to actually get it to execution to the ground floor is completely different.”
  • “I wanted to be the end-point of the user because, as a parent, I could convey that message easiest to the customer (directly).”
  • “Gave me a chance to see how the industry worked from the end point and everything behind it.”
  • “Right now, it seems like it’s a self-medicating industry and a recreational industry…but people use it in moderation.”
  • “I think cannabis is scaring a lot of people in the medical community, actually going after the root of the problem.”
  • “Just like the name of the show…if you’re not all in, then you’re all out, so if you’re going to jump in, jump all in.”

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