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On this episode of the All-In Podcast, Daniel welcomes someone who has taken his background in media production to the podcasting world. Mathew Passy talks about how he became the self-dubbed “Podcast Consultant,” and he shares his views on the future of podcasting, the nature of entrepreneurial work, and the importance of protecting the time you have with your family. From content generation all the way down to editing and publishing, Mathew’s services as the podcast consultant can take your vision for the podcasting space and make it bloom.

Mathew shares how he got into, fell out of, and then got back into podcasting, despite all other plans to the contrary. He reflects on difficulties he’s had as a one man band and offers tips and suggestions for those who do have the entrepreneurial spirit. What’s most important for him is his family, and he does everything he can to make the most out of their time together.

Tune in for an honest conversation between two fathers who share a love for podcasting and the thrill of running your own company.


  • Mathew describes how he fell into podcasting consulting.
  • What drives Mathew in his next business pursuits.
  • Improving systems to avoid repeated mistakes.
  • Helping clients generate content.
  • Advice to young podcasters.
  • Why not everyone needs a podcast.
  • Managing the work/life balance as an entrepreneur.


  • “It took me about three years to realize that working part time…I was actually losing money by not spending those hours trying to build up the business.”
  • “It’s always amazing to see what we’re capable of when we’re forced to in the moment.”
  • “I’m always trying to make my life easier or make my clients sound better.”
  • “Every entrepreneur is on an emotional rollercoaster.”
  • “It’s about staying grounded while being ambitious.”
  • “You need to know why you want to do a podcast in the first place.”
  • “It’s hard when you do it all yourself because you know it could all go away in a second.”

About Mathew Passy

Mathew Passy is a self-employed podcasting consultant. In this role, Mathew helps companies and individuals to decide if they should be podcasting and what the best path forward is given their branding message. Mathew has a deep history in audio media production, and he is knowledgeable in digital marketing and communications strategies. As the Podcast Consultant, Mathew can help by expanding a brand’s reach using digital media tools like social media, SEO, podcasts, email newsletters, video, live streaming and more. He lives at home with wife and twin children.



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