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Knowing how to keep laser-focused is a superpower not just for business coaches but for any entrepreneur who wants to cut through the noise. On this episode of the All-In Podcast, Daniel discusses the power of clarity with Matt Johnson, author and founder of the MicroFamous FastTrack. He has built his successful coaching consultancy, Pursuing Results, around providing thought leaders the tools they need to achieve the profile they want.

Matt shares the foundational framework he has developed, including a marketing system on which to build dreams once they’re clearly defined. He teaches clients how to set themselves apart by optimizing every aspect of their podcast presence – from booking guests to cultivating clients to leveraging social media, blogging and networking opportunities. It all starts with making the hard choices necessary to produce a compelling business proposition.

Getting clear about clarity was itself an “aha” moment for Matt, who went All-In and found a business model to go the distance only after he finally shed distractions, side businesses and partnerships that weren’t 100 percent in his own best interest. Now? Matt has time not only to build a thriving coaching practice but also deliver impact, promote important ideas and pursue his passion for making music.

If you’re interested in producing (or appearing on) an effective podcast that delivers at every level, then this is the All-In episode for you.

You can learn more about the 80/20 principle that Matt mentions in author Richard Koch’s book, “The 80/20 Principle: The Secret to Achieving More with Less”.

Matt’s book, “MicroFamous: Become Famously Influential to the Right People,” can be purchased here. Or find out about his unique  Trello networking strategy.


  • A bit about Matt’s early years: growing up in the Midwest, the son of a pastor, and deciding in his mid-20s to start a real estate team on the eve of the mortgage crisis that cratered the market. It all set the stage for what lay ahead!
  • Matt found his niche when he became a consultant to people building coaching consulting companies, with a special focus on podcast strategy.
  • ALL-IN: When Matt realized he needed to shed extraneous side businesses consulting with others and decided to focus entirely on his own agency. It was the “decision that changed everything.”
  • Matt’s quality of life is tremendous because he has designed a system that allows him to manage and grow his agency in about four hours a week.
  • Matt highlights why the 80/20 principle gives him necessary perspective when it comes to his entrepreneurial style and goals.
  • A peak into what drives Matt: Emerging thought leaders inspire with life-changing content that has the potential to make a big impact.
  • Is this person someone you’d be excited to see if they stopped through your town? If not, then they probably aren’t a client with whom you should be working.
  • Keep the Faith: Even if they aren’t in your pipeline, there are ideal clients out there and they will show up.
  • With messaging, the more “niche” the better.
  • Matt’s shares thoughts about set-backs: His All-In moment was the result of one!
  • A few tips for becoming MicroFamous:
    • Decide who the right people are.
    • Define your message and vision with total clarity.
  • Matt’s life vision involves a mix: Growing an impactful business and pursuing his passion as a musician, among other things.
  • Finding that “clear and compelling idea” means discerning foundational beliefs and refining exactly what you’re bringing to market – and why!


  • “At the end of the day, freedom is my No. 1 value and I want to be involved in something where I get 100 percent of the reward.”
  • “We sell one thing to one kind of person, so it’s extremely focused, extremely packaged and systematized.”
  • “I don’t want to build this multi-seven-figure business that at the end of the day I don’t feel is really fulfilling. Why not skip that and go to the thing that’s really fulfilling?”
  • “It’s really about getting the right filters in place and lead generation. The more confident you are, the more specific you can get about who you want to work with.”
  • “There’s always more ideal clients coming down the track.”
  • “I needed to go out on my own to figure out my true superpowers and skill sets.”
  • “You’ve got to know who the right people are – and I think a lot of entrepreneurs aren’t quite sure.”
  • “If we establish home base first, it makes a whole bunch of other things easier.”
  • “People underestimate just how much noise there is online and how unbelievably clear and concise we have to be to cut through it.”

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