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56: Digital Marketing Expert, Melanie Galioto

Daniel Giordano


In this episode of The All-In Podcast, Daniel speaks with Melanie Galioto, a digital marketing consultant and creator of the ‘Slacker Success Formula.’ After a brief career in sales, Melanie quickly realized that she wanted something more. As she began to experiment with automation, she discovered that she loved the entire process. Unexpectedly, a new career was born.

One of the ways that Melanie helps a business is to get the owner to step back and focus on their expertise. Business owners don’t have the time to fix broken links and deal with an ever-changing platform.  In a vigorous cycle of planting seeds, prospecting and pushing forward, digital marketing makes sure a sales pipeline never runs dry.

Lead generation is key. When the pandemic hit, the business model for many industries changed overnight. Some companies got better. Others grew paralyzed and failed. A competent e-commerce platform is essential to survival. Model what works. Follow the social proof and work hard. Everyone is in this together, and a strategic partnership is a win for everyone involved.

The biggest challenge is finding the right people. An employee’s goals must be similar to that of the employer’s. The goal should also be clear. Once it’s set, all of the focus needs to be in that direction. 

Melanie warns against ‘shiny object syndrome.’ When solving a problem, it’s easy to see another problem and then lose track of your original purpose. Hire an expert, if necessary, and get as much information as you can about the field you are entering. It’s not always enough to just work hard. Work smarter and embrace the ‘slacker’ lifestyle.


  • Melanie’s background and early career.
  • Knowing when you’re an expert and when to delegate to one.
  • The importance of lead generation in a healthy pipeline.
  • Pivoting during a pandemic- How the business world changed overnight.
  • Why you should model what works and follow the social proof.
  • Always look for the win-win-win strategy.
  • Your staff must reflect your priorities.
  • Find your goal, then focus on it.
  • Shiny object syndrome.
  • Bringing back the slacker attitude.


  • “When you’re working for somebody else, you’re not getting everything that you’re putting in.” – Melanie 
  • “If you’re an expert in your field, in your business, let a piece of the puzzle go to another expert.” – Melanie 
  • “Just as long as you’re putting forth the effort and gaining momentum, you’re going to be rewarded.” – Melanie 
  • “Unfortunately, things happen in our world that are out of our control and you get to roll with it and figure out a solution.” – Daniel 
  • “Nobody is coming in and going to rescue you. You’ve got to do it yourself.” – Melanie 
  • “Resumes get embellished. I think people have some amazing skill sets that they bring to the table, but they believe their own lies.” – Daniel 
  • “Do what you know works.” – Melanie 

About Melanie

Melanie Galioto is a digital marketing consultant, lead generation expert and creator of the ‘Slacker Success Formula.’ As a partner and proponent of small businesses, Melanie focuses on smart and predictable growth strategies to help clients automate their lives in a time optimizing way.

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LinkedIn: @melaniegalioto

Facebook: @melaniegaliotomarketing

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