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70: Michael Flight, CEO at Liberty Real Estate Fund

Daniel Giordano


On this episode of the All-In Podcast, Daniel invites real estate expert Michael Flight to discuss what it means for him to have gone all-in.

Michael opens by sharing a little of his background and what made him want to get into real estate investment in the first place. Some of these stories showcase wins, while others detail heavy losses that Michael and his business partners suffered. Ultimately, he says, it’s how you take those losses and build a better plan moving forward.

One of the key takeaways from this conversation is what Michael says about preparing oneself for a career in real estate. Beyond just understanding the market, someone going into real estate investment needs to be proficient in many complementary skills. For example, they need to be financially savvy. They need to be good with people. They need to have patience and common sense. In other words, it’s so much more than just trading properties and understanding the market.

Michael believes that if you’re passionate enough and you surround yourself withthe right people, you should have no problem making headway into a field like commercial real estate. With more than three decades of experience, it’s reasonable to say that Michael’s advice is top-notch.

Listen into this episode for an intelligent conversation that highlights key skills for success in the real estate industry.


  • Michael describes how he got into commercial real estate investing.
  • The various skills you need that are real estate adjacent.
  • People don’t tend to see all the work that goes into success.
  • The key thing is having the right team around you.
  • The Liberty Real Estate Fund.
  • How blockchain tokens can generate wealth for Americans.


  • “My vision was always to get into real estate investment and to own real estate.”
  • “I told Steve Forbes that I got my MBA from reading Forbes magazine.”
  • “You can tell demographic density by how many pumps are at the Costco.”
  • “It’s a satisfaction to me just to be able to go to events like that and talk to people.”
  • “The problems usually are when I’ve taken my eye off the ball or didn’t have the right systems in place.”
  • “You’ll need people who understand SEO for your business.”
  • “Try to think about how you can find specialists for your business.”
  • “There are no borders anymore with this new financial system.”

About Michael Flight

Michael Flight is the principal and founder at the Liberty Real Estate Fund. Michael is a real estate entrepreneur who is an expert in retail real estate investment, leasing, operations, and redevelopment. Michael has been active in commercial real estate for nearly 35 years and has handled more than $600M in real estate transactions. Michael has extensive experience in development, leasing, sales, property management, and innovative financing techniques including Security Token Offerings (STO).



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