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60: Performance and mindset coach, Geoff Nicholson

Daniel Giordano


In this episode of The All-In Podcast, Daniel speaks with Geoff Nicholson, a performance and mindset coach who overcame a significant health struggle to become a successful entrepreneur.

At age 16, Geoff left school to join the workforce. After bouncing around, he found himself at his future father-in-law’s printing company. It was there he began to see success, as well as an increasing confidence in himself. But things came crashing down.

An untimely illness left him wheelchair-bound and sleeping 20 hours a day. As a young father, he couldn’t imagine becoming a burden to his wife and son. Geoff left the house with the intention to commit suicide. Then, something changed.

It all began with a question – how could he get his life back to the way it was? Geoff realized that he didn’t want that. He wanted it to be better. That’s why he committed to improving himself and helping others. To change, Geoff began to define his life with four unique qualities- fun, freedom, flexibility and service. Like Bob Parr in The Incredibles, he made the decision to reject mediocrity. Support others in a proactive way. Reject limitations and plan for the success he wanted to see.

Geoff refers to the four main parts of this plan as the ‘HITS.’ The first, health, is essential to any type of life. If your body and mind are not right, it is almost impossible to accomplish what you set out to do. The second, income, is a reality of business. Factors such as debt and savings must always be considered. The third, tribe, is also important. These are the people who are not just associates, but cheerleaders. They are constant companions and supporters of what you do.  

Finally, self, is crucial to the way you interact with your business and those around you. While self-development is a lifelong pursuit, Geoff believes that this, perhaps more than anything, matters.


  • Geoff’s background and early career.
  • A life-changing health crisis.
  • When the switch flipped.
  • Having the courage to live an exceptional life.
  • How to reinforce the positive, not the negative.
  • Supporting others with a proactive mindset.
  • ‘What’s the goal after that?’
  • There are no limitations.
  • The ‘HITS’- Health, Income, Tribe, Self.
  • Embracing the big picture.


  • “In those darkest moments sometimes comes the brightest lights.” – Geoff
  • “Life can be lonely if you allow it to be and choose not to interact with others and ask for help. Because there’s help all around us.” – Daniel
  • “I’m not just going to have an ‘okay’ life. I want to have an exceptional life.” – Geoff
  • “Helping people can almost be like a drug. It’s like that moment where you see the spark go off in their eyes and it’s like ‘I want more of that. That’s what I want to do.’” – Geoff
  • “In truth, it all started with looking at myself in the mirror and telling me the truth of what it is.” – Geoff
  • “We all have that superhero in us, this person that’s capable of doing almost anything in life. But we suppress it. We accept a mediocre job or we do just enough to get by.” – Daniel
  • “You’ve got to work on you. If you’re not working on you there’s something wrong. Because if you don’t have the self-development, or you don’t have self-esteem or self-confidence, you’re not going to be getting that traction that’s going to steer you in the right direction.” – Geoff

About Geoff

Geoff Nicholson is the owner of GN Coaching and the host of the Success IQ Podcast. A 13-year veteran of human potential development, Geoff helps entrepreneurs live an exceptional life by encouraging proactive behavior and a positive mindset. He has worked with thought and business leaders from around the globe.

Contact Geoff

Twitter: @gncoach
Facebook: @geoffnicholsonuk
LinkedIn: Geoff Nicholson UK

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