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When it comes to podcasting, ever wondered what’s behind the magic curtain? How shows are made, who books the guests and what makes for a great show? Daniel’s guest on this episode of All-In shares his experience as a Lead Booker for Interview Connections, a company with years of experience helping people find their niche as podcast featured guests or hosts. Riley Baez-Bradway shares his interesting journey into digital media and lifts the curtain on some of the key elements not only for a compelling podcast but a balanced and happy life!

Riley and Dan touch on a range of topics, both personal and professional, including how to identify and develop your “wizard” versus “lizard” brain. You’ll also get some important advice about staying mentally clear and creating a mix of work-life priorities that support long-term creativity, productivity and satisfaction. Being part of a progressive, supportive work environment like the one cultivated by Interview Connections’ founders is for Riley the single most important element shaping the company’s ongoing success. It all combines to drive amazing results for podcast hosts and prospective guests – ROI on research, professional one-sheets, repurposing content, equipment recs, calls to action, interview prep and of course that all-important outreach to make the connections that launch podcast careers.

Click here to access a free podcasting master class being given by Interview Connections’ founders, who share tips for creating a global personal brand and generating warm qualified leads.

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  • All about Riley’s background and interests growing up in rural Connecticut, including music, technology and digital media early on.
  • Riley breaks down the “wizard brain” versus “lizard brain” (higher thinking versus reptilian) and how initially he was over-developed in one tendency (the more esoteric) and less connected with the other (the more emotionally intelligent).
  • Being creative and technical came easily, but when Riley had the opportunity to be more client-facing he quickly understood that social interaction and leadership skills were essential to progressing his career of choice in digital media and communications.
  • Riley shares lessons learned about compartmentalization and over-focus. When he was in college he went to the gym every day for 22 days straight – at which point he figured out that it had become an unhealthy diversion from real issues at hand.
  • Important Advice: Don’t surrender space in your brain to festering thoughts that have been shoved to the back, unaddressed and unresolved.
  • Riley’s primary professional driver is results – seeing how he and his team can positively impact their clients with concrete PR and marketing support and ROI related to sales, bookings, increased audience share and exposure in general.
  • Interview Connections, founded in 2012, was one of the earliest companies to get into the podcast space in a dedicated way.
  • What does Riley do for fun? He’s engaged with all kinds of things and constantly adding to his knowledge and explorations – especially connecting with people, travel and learning about other cultures. He also plays, DJs and makes electronic music and loves studying all things linguistics.
  • Work-life balance and supporting paid time off for personal development – and fun – is a priority set forth by Interview Connections’ founders that Riley that the whole team values tremendously.
  • Riley’s Prime Piece of Advice: Look for employers that respect people and support humane benefits that ultimately maximize productivity and minimize stress.
  • Further thoughts on how best to reach out to Riley and learn more about Interview Connections (links below).


  • “It’s been really fun to have a tactical, hands-on application for my creative talents. I’ve always loved implanting my personality and creative writing skills in media and this is a nice way to do that.”
  • “Leading a team of four other agents really kind of forces you to examine yourself a little bit and realize, If I don’t suture up some of these toxic, bad habits that I use in my personal life I’m going to project those onto my team and it’s going to affect their performance.”
  • “People (that you manage) need to be seen and be heard.”
  • “Your personal life and work life are hand in hand – two hands that wash each other.”
  • “Those things that we compartmentalize and push to the back of our minds? They’re still going to be there. And they will just fester in the back of your head.”
  • “My end game at the end of the day is to serve my clients and the people I work with and the people who have trusted me with their livelihood and growing that for them.”
  • “You’ve got to be in touch with the people who are the reason you’re in business in the first place.”
  • “It’s important to have fun. You’re going to have seasons in your work and business where you have to put a little more work in to get things figured out or get more skill sets, but you always have to bring it back to why you’re doing all of this.” (Dan)
  • “You can’t keep pushing yourself when you’re burned out or you’re going to do terrible work”
  • “Take care of (your employees) and your employees are going to take care of you … It has a positive ripple effect on everyone all the way from the ground floor all the way through every department.”

About Riley:

After working in a podcast production studio for two years, Riley found his way to Interview Connections in July 2019 as a booking agent. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Digital Media Production and has always been searching for a creative application for his technical experience. Riley is passionate about client relationships and making clients feel like they’re a part of the Interview Connections family, and since his promotion to Team Lead, he’s particularly enjoyed rallying his team members to reach new heights. When Riley isn’t combining his love of writing and technology at the office, he can be found writing electronic music, watching baseball, studying languages, or enjoying long walks with his spouse. 

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