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Do you have a book inside of you that’s dying to get out? If so, Daniel’s guest on this episode of The All-In Podcast will be speaking directly to you. Rob Kosberg, CEO of Best Seller Publishing, has literally written chapter and verse about how publishing brings value-add and branding power to both your personal credibility and your business. The author of  “Publish. Promote. Profit.” brings us up to speed on the new rules for writing, marketing and making money via your niche book, as well as some of the key pitfalls you’ll want to avoid.

Rob doesn’t mince words with his clients, whose expectations are set from the start. You don’t write a book because it’s going to generate massive royalties. You do it to drive business – through lead generation, speaking engagements and media/PR applications. It’s a formula that works, bringing authors credibility and a platform. In addition to learning the ins and outs of publishing, this conversation also includes wisdom and perspective on the things that matter most in life. At the end of the day, says Rob, the depth and quality of our relationships matters more than any business venture or ambition.

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  • Rob recalls 2007 – and the real estate debacle that closed some doors and opened others. It was time to rebrand, which he ultimately did by authoring his first book “Life After Death: Practical Solutions to Get Out of Debt, Build Wealth and Radically Transform Your Finances.”
  • Rob went all-in on Best Seller Publishing in 2012, which today has launched about 1,000 books on a variety of topics.
  • What’s the Vision? Rob doesn’t have a grand design in mind so much as he’s all-in with his wife of 33 years and three kids, enjoying friends, pastimes and life in general.
  • Covid19 inspired Rob (and a group of close friends) to relocate from California to Florida, where today his company works virtually.
  • Rob has recently started a booking service for professional speakers that is taking off.
  • Want to write a book? Rob highlights mistakes to avoid:
    • Choosing too broad a topic; it’s all about finding your niche.
    • Your personal story isn’t enough. It has to be put in the context of life lessons or some other prism that speaks to people in specific ways.
  • There are two primary reasons to write a book:
    • You’re passionate about the subject matter.
    • To grow your business by establishing a credible voice and authority.
  • Best Seller Publishing differentiates itself by focusing on the business-building component of publishing a book, which means:
    • Lead generation.
    • Speaking engagements.
    • Media/PR
  • The primary purpose for writing a book is not to generate revenue, but rather to leverage it as a branding and sales asset.
  • Words of Wisdom: Don’t die with your book inside you. If you’ve got the desire, make it happen, even if that means paying someone else to get it done. When you’re older you don’t want to look back with regret.


  • “For many people they are for the first time actually achieving this dream of having their own book, appearing on television, really becoming known as an authority in their field. That’s a really cool experience.”
  • “I’m rich because of things outside money. My relationships. My spirituality. Those are where the real wealth is.”
  • “As much as possible, write in a niche … Be very, very narrow with what you’re going to write about.”
  • “What’s going to matter isn’t how much money you made or what seems important around success. It’s going to be about the relationships, their depth and the time you spent with those people in the end.”
  • “Publishers set their clients up for failure by singing a song that they’re going to make money and they’re just not, in most cases.”
  • “As you get older the things that matter tend to be the important things: Time with loved ones … Investing in the things that are important to you.”

About Rob:

Rob Kosberg is a Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-selling author and founder of Best Seller Publishing. He has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX as well as hundreds of other publication, podcast and media. He is passionate about helping experts, consultants and entrepreneurs become authorities in their respective fields and reach their target audience using a Best-Selling Book and his state-of-the-art marketing and client attraction strategies. Rob’s clients include professional athletes, US Ambassadors, Fortune 500 CEO’s and even a shark. 



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