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6: Ruben Gonzalez – Hot and steamy Houston to 90 mph down an icy mountain with the courage to succeed and pursue an Olympic dream.

Daniel Giordano

About Ruben Gonzalez

Ruben is an expert on creating desired results…fast. Organizations use his strategies to get their people to achieve more than ever before.

At the age of 21, Ruben, decided to compete in the Olympics, took up the sport of luge, and 4 years later was racing for the Gold against the best in the world.

He went on to become the only person to ever compete in four Winter Olympics EACH in a different decade.
Using his strategy for creating fast results, he soon became a bestselling author, business consultant and speaker, helping corporations and associations around the world create and sustain business growth…fast.
He combined his success in business and in the Olympics to create time-tested techniques to excel in these challenging times – to become unstoppable.

How did visualization help you become unstoppable on the way to the Olympics?

  • Ruben says that visualizing what you will do in a perfect scenario LISTEN UP as he shares what type of escape routes or contingency plans you should have.

Most Influential Person:

  • Ruben’s parents were the most influential in his life. His dad was practical and analytical and his mom was a dreamer.

How can you become unstoppable on the way to your goals and dreams?

  • Act Courageous.  Courage is to act in spite of your fear.  LISTEN UP as he explain the 2 type of FEARS.  Fear to begin and Fear not to quit

Biggest Mistakes & Lowest Point:

  • Watching the top luge runners one day he repeated to himself he can’t believe he can do this.  The next day he did his run and had the worst crashes he ever experience and broke many bones.  LISTEN UP has Ruben tells us how he got over his 3 day depression.

Define Success:

  • Figure out your goals and reach them, LISTEN UP as Ruben explains the qualities you must have to succeed and what his dad told him to find out the trick to success.

Advice on how to be All-In:

  • You have to believe that God created you for greatness

Defining living in your Purpose:

  • Help people realize their goals and dreams

Favorite Quote:

  • “If You’re Going Through Hell, Keep Going” – George Paton

What are the Olympics REALLY about?

  • Ruben explains that the Olympic opening ceremony was the highlight of the event for him.  LISTEN UP as he tells us how it was also the start for him.

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