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97: Shahid Durrani, Coach and Host of the Super Entrepreneurs Podcast

Daniel Giordano


You can’t see what you can’t see, which is why coaching and the outside perspective it brings can be so powerful. On this episode of The All-In Podcast the focus draws inward with Daniel’s guest, Shahid Durrani, sharing some of the wisdom he has drawn not only from a series of business ventures with varying degrees of success but also in uncovering stillness within.

There are some things, says Shahid, that conventional education cannot teach. For starters, the ability to connect, collaborate and cultivate meaningful, sustained relationships requires intangibles not found in any textbook. Nor do we learn in a classroom the mental shifts necessary to accept deeply who we are or how to sit comfortably with that knowing. Learn what skilled coaching can do for your self-awareness and empowerment – and why it’s important to get started not tomorrow, but today!

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  • About Shahid’s upbringing in Canada, with its mostly joyful memories and a sprinkling of challenges. He came from a long line of entrepreneurial businessmen.
  • Beyond conventional education, Shahid believes the most valuable knowledge is around relationships – how to build and leverage basic human connection. He looks at life as one big relationship.
  • Shahid’s sampler of commercial experience includes starting a shipping business, selling vacuum cleaners, working in the medical industry and promoting software (the most enduring).
  • What could go wrong? For Shahid, this is not a useful thought. In fact, quite the opposite: It invites negativity.
  • Shahid fought hard to change his mindset and look at himself honestly in the mirror.
  • When he became more self-aware, Shahid was able to look deeply at his belief system and develop an abiding faith in his abilities.
  • The upside of something bad: Shahid has seen over an over that people finally make a mental shift when confronted with a lifechanging challenge or hardship. It brings focus inward and deepens self-regard.
  • What Drives Shahid: A compelling sense that he can’t – and doesn’t need – to control what comes to him. His motivation is rooted in acceptance, attraction rather than pursuit.
  • When you’re grounded in your true essence, there follows a state of flow that is both liberating and powerful.
  • Parting Words: If you’re looking to make a change – whether tomorrow or next year – recognize that all we really have is the moment we’re in. Now is the time and the thoughts you choose are under your own control.


  • “I’ve learned a lot and failed a lot and I’ve learned that failure brings so much wisdom, knowledge and experience beyond any kind of traditional education.”
  • “If you can get along with and connect with others, everything just goes along more smoothly.”
  • “Once you’re self-aware you find that little spot – that stillness and calmness – that becomes your best friend. And from that calmness you see the world and interact with everything.”
  • “You want to take your desire and impress it upon your subconscious and make it a believable state that you already have. You’ll perform better. You’ll do better.”
  • “Make the decision that now is the time. It’s not tomorrow. It’s now!”
  • “Start every day with a mentality of service to others and things will come. You’ll start seeing things shift. Opportunities will come and it will direct you. But you have to make the decision.”

About Shahid:

Shahid helps coaching clients focus on building the roadmap to becoming thriving entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals. He provides guidance and helps establish unstoppable habits that multiply sales and income for entrepreneurs across sectors. Shahid’s practice is dedicated to enabling clients to do more of what they already know how to do by bridging the knowing-doing gap and providing a step-by-step blueprint that unleashes the mindset practices and traits of Elite Professionals!

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