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75: Steven Lewis, Navigating the Copywriting Industry

Daniel Giordano


On this episode of the All-In Podcast, Daniel speaks with Steven Lewis of Taleist copywriting. Steven’s career began in web development, during which time he found himself ahead of the curve, constantly explaining to people what a website was. Afterward, he turned to writing and has been working with copywriting which, he notes, doesn’t change and will never change.

Steven says that he prefers not to gravitate toward a niche because he likes the excitement of a variety but also because it’s advantageous to bring things from one area into another. His specialization is simply making copywriting work online. The difference between content writing and copywriting is that copywriters not only need to entertain and inform (like copy writers) but they also have to get the reader to do something. This is the hard part.

When asked about a challenge in copywriting, Steven notes that an ongoing setback in copywriting is education and getting clients to understand why copywriting is a bigger investment than a couple hundred bucks. The traffic that comes to their website has to read something that converts into an action step.

At the end, Steven emphasizes the research that good copywriting involves. It is much more than writing good sentences and there is a lot of work that goes on before a single word is typed. Understanding the client’s business backward and forward is essential and letting them in on your process is also a key to success.


  • Steven shares his background growing up in Hong Kong and how he got into writing
  • Copywriting hasn’t changed and won’t change
  • The difference between copywriting and content writing
  • The challenge of Steven’s journey through copywriting
  • Steven’s advice to someone struggling with conversion
  • How Steven tells clients about the research copywriting involves


  • “Copywriting is one of those things that hasn’t changed at all ever. Human psychology hasn’t changed. The media hasn’t really changed.”
  • “You bring things from one area to another area… I think if you niche too much and then you wear a groove, eventually you can’t see over the edges of the groove and that’s worrying.”
  • “Content writing is about educating, informing, and entertaining… Copywriters have to entertain and inform but they also have to get you to do something.”
  • “An ongoing setback with copywriting is that people don’t understand why it’s a bigger investment than a couple hundred bucks.”
  • “You need to understand the client’s business. What do they sell? What do they think they sell?… What do they think makes them different?”
  • “There’s always more that you can do, but you also have to do what is possible within the client’s budget.”

About Steven Lewis

Steven Lewis, a successful copywriter, grew up in Hong Kong then attended the University in the UK. After university, he returned home to Hong Kong where he got his first job and started his first business which was a web development agency which was, at the time, an uphill battle just to explain what a website was.

From there, he went into journalism and his career has been all about writing since then. He moved to Australia as an adult and now works with Taleist copywriting and seeks to help clients understand the research that goes into good copywriting that leads to conversion.


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