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This episode of All-In features a woman who clearly has found her perfect professional match. Tara Patten is an image coach and virtual stylist whose lively personality and passion for helping people uncover their best selves is nothing short of inspiring. Daniel hosts a conversation that is both energizing and informative.

While Tara is full of passion for her business and mission today, the road to get there was anything but a straight one. Born in England, raised and educated in Florida and Maryland, she was in search of a calling. That search took her to California and ultimately aboard cruise ships in the Caribbean, where she loved being a “shopping ambassador.” It was her first hint of where things ultimately would go. But, as is so often the case, there were a few storm clouds before blue sky broke through.

At one period, when the way forward seemed particularly murky, Tara realized there was only one thing to do – something she recommends we all consider when the chips are down: Ask for help. She got invaluable coaching and before long had conceived of the branding and styling niche she occupies so successfully today. Learn about the services she provides and the results she witnesses when her clients decide to focus on – and commit to – doing some personal work. This episode is like several seminars in one podcast. Tara is excited about showing up in the world and helping people put forth their very best selves – and the feeling it’s infectious!

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  • Tara shares a little about her background, which stretches from England to Florida to Maryland to California to becoming a shopping ambassador at sea on a cruise ship. All of these experiences have shaped her understanding of branding and communications.
  • How Tara made her “all-in” shift towards branding and image curation – something that lit her up like nothing else ever had.
    • She loves shopping.
    • She loves creating confidence.
    • She loves teaching people how to dress for their bodies.
  • Helping people discover who they are and represent in a way that’s empowering is a driving passion for Tara.
  • In addition to photo shoots and other styling options, Tara has recently added a service to help people (especially those in a life transition) create dating profiles.
  • Dan asks Tara about how she navigates when her entrepreneurial goals seem elusive. What pushes her through? Seeing the opportunity for growth.
  • Sometimes the paths that are darkest lead to reconsideration (often, as in Tara’s case, with the help of a coach) followed by a reconfiguration.
  • Tara has simple advice for people who are struggling, either personally or professionally: Ask for help.
  • When it’s time to get clarity, Tara recommends sitting down with a pen and paper. Ask yourself: What do you want? Who do you want to be?
  • Tara offers an exercise: Make the practice of journaling and asking yourself about your goals and dreams a daily morning ritual. It generates creativity and manifestations of all kinds.
  • A gratitude practice and coaching make great complements to a morning journaling ritual.
  • Tara is really excited about the community growing up around podcasts like Daniel’s and the impact that coaches are having on people.


  • “If you’re going to start a movement and inspire people to buy what you have, you have to have that emotion attached, that reason behind it.”
  • “You can’t change who you are, but you can bring out that truth in who you are through really considering what you want to represent by what you’re putting on.”
  • “Challenging times – those are the times when we’re forged in the fire. If I don’t have haters, I’m doing something wrong. If you’re not ruffling some feathers then you’re not doing enough.”
  • “If you’re showing up for your life – even if you don’t want to – and presenting the person you want to become, that’s how you close the gap.”
  • “Success leaves clues – so I started following those clues!”
  • “Gratitude, journaling, having a morning practice and really getting clear on next steps for reaching your goals – and working with a coach, of course – is the most powerful way to really create a life and business that you love.”
  • “You don’t have to keep asking whether there is more. There is, and it’s definitely inside of you. There are so many people who want to unlock it with you.”

About Tara:

Tara Patten has decades of experience in branding, marketing and digital innovation. “I am a connector of people and creative solutions.” Tara says. Originally from London, England, Tara grew up in Orlando, Florida. Since childhood, Tara has been an entertaining storyteller. From starring in commercials, stage productions, magazine ad campaigns, fashion shows to hosting television programs, Tara developed her passion for the most effective way to connect with audiences through energetic presentations. Today, Tara Patten is an innovative digital marketing consultant, virtual fashion stylist, image coach, and international speaker. She specializes in strategy implementation for businesses that want to grow online by mastering their time and presence with evergreen marketing campaigns.

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