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101: Udo Erasmus, Founder of Udo’s Choice Products

Daniel Giordano


Flax oil wasn’t on the map until Udo Erasmus put it there with his tireless crusade to get the word out and educate – a mission he has expanded through the decades to include wellness tools and a holistic health business with game-changing results. On this episode of the All-In Podcast, Udo shares with Host Dan Giordano a classic story of turning personal pain into a sales success story. Pioneered after he experienced pesticide poisoning some 50 years ago, Udo’s entrepreneurial journey has had its challenges – both financial and regulatory – but the flame has never flickered. Why? Because he was – and continues to be – “all in” and “on fire” about his work. You’ll come away from this episode with a keen feeling for the kind of passion that ignites global sales as well as well-being. For Udo it all started with nothing more than a challenge, curiosity and a tireless desire to help others live their best lives. So if you’re struggling with a setback, health or otherwise, take a closer look. It may be an opportunity to grow, learn and create a solution that’s closer than you think!

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  • Udo shares his harrowing journey as a WWII refugee child who suffered traumas that inspired his lifelong exploration of all things heart-centered and healing.
  • How a detour into selling damaging pesticides changed everything!
  • How Omega 6 and 3 oils challenged Udo to look more deeply at human wellness – and move the industry towards a higher standard.
  • The First Steps to Udo’s Success: Researching and writing a book, “Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill.”
  • Word to the Wise: If you’re writing a book and it’s not going well, start over again! Even the most well-versed and skillful writers require multiple drafts to get it right.
  • Udo has navigated the often controversial waters of health-related product sales by using science and nature as irrefutable arguments against marketplace misinformation.
  • Biggest Challenge: Udo shares the story of how he and his company overcame an FDA crackdown that threatened his company’s future.
  • Udo Predicts: If you find something in life that you’re so on fire for that you’re “all in,” your chances of succeeding are enormous!
  • Looking Ahead: The goal is to continue evangelizing for his Udo’s Choice products, including more products related to digestive enzymes and nutritional greens.
  • Udo’s focus today is increasingly on total health and helping people implement transformational approaches to holistic wellness and longevity.


  • “Your body is always under construction, so if I raise my standard then in one year the body will be rebuilt 98% to that higher standard. That’s called healing – and why healing is possible.” (Udo)
  • “There’s something that really feels good about helping with whatever it is that interferes with quality of life … I don’t think there’s anything else really worth doing!” (Udo)
  • “It’s the classic story that you always hear of people who have done big things in the world: They’ve had a problem, pain or something they were passionate about and figured it out.” (Dan)
  • “My best breakthroughs have come from homemade or self-imposed disasters. There’s a way to find your way through it that opens you up to helping … other people.” (Udo)
  • “We are the beneficiaries of an enormous number of people who had some kind of an idea, inspiration, driven-ness or something that has made all these breakthroughs.” (Udo)
  • “I never saw the (entrepreneurial) obstacles just because I was focused on the goal … We were so on fire for what we were doing and the value of doing it.” (Udo)
  • “There was a buzz around North America and we created that buzz just because we were so excited by the fact that, ‘Oh my God, we could help so many people!’ ” (Udo)
  • “After you feel unconditionally loved, there’s only one purpose left: Helping. What needs to be done? How can I make the biggest splash for good in the time I have?” (Udo)



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