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11: Working with Zig Ziglar was just the start for Michelle Prince, recently she has been featured on Joel Osteen radio and continues to impact others with a message of productivity and power

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About Michelle Prince

Michelle Prince is known as a best-selling author, Zig Ziglar Motivational Speaker, business owner of multiple companies, wife of 15 years and mother of two young boys.

Michelle Prince had to learn the art of juggling her personal and professional life successfully. Most people are juggling too many things, procrastinating and not getting as much done as they want, which leads to a life of frustration and unfulfilled goals.

Michelle is passionate about helping people live with purpose, follow their passion and take action in big ways!

Michelle’s Story:

At the age of 18 she went to a seminar with Zig Ziglar. She felt in her gut that she would work with him. She casted that vision to Zig Ziglar and 5 years later she started working for him in sales. She thought she would be speaking but it was a great experience for her. She switch gears and went into software sales during the internet boom. She worked in software sales for 13 years. She kept in touch with Zig Ziglar’s company and she realized the nice things she had, did not fulfill her or bring her success. She found herself further away from the passion God gave her and empty inside.

In 2008 Michelle started thinking and asking God “What am I here for?” She remembered the vision she casted when she was 18 to help motivate, inspire and encourage people. Eventually she saw herself back with Zig Ziglar but 1st she wrote a book before going back to work with Zig Ziglar. She wrote the book in 2008 just for her to share stories with her kids about life. She hit best seller in a couple of categories and then she was asked to speak, coach and do seminars. By following a prompting to write a book she feels she has an accidental business which allows her to fulfill her dreams.  Michelle Prince says that as soon as you figure out what lights you up & it aligns with you Bigger Things will happen.

Most Influential Person:

  • Zig Ziglar has been that person for Michelle.  LISTEN UP as she lights up when she explains why.

Biggest Challenges:

  • Not having experience writing a book or running a business. The desire to impact the world and not knowing to run a business was a big challenge. LISTEN UP as she shows us how she figured things with this new stage in her life.

Life’s Lowest Point:

  • Working in Corporate America she felt as she was going through the motions. She realized that passion alone will not allow you to run a business. LISTEN UP as Michelle shares her biggest lesson which is one of our core values here at All in Podcast.

Advice on how to be All-In:

  • Finding balance with productivity not time management more life management.  The moment you make the decision on what you want to do, your entire life and the people around you will change.  LISTEN UP as Michelle explains that Procrastination is not a time management issue.  She will also explain what tool she uses to evaluate your priorities and getting clear on your goals.

What are Common Major Obstacles for People?

  • Problem & Solution. 1st thing we do in the morning… Rush,Rush,Rush
  • Use the “Power of 3” if you are rush, rush, rush in the morning
    • It starts with getting up 1 hour earlier.
    • LISTEN UP as

Favorite Quote:

  • “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar
  • “You were designed for accomplishment, engineered for success, and endowed with the seeds of greatness.” – Zig Ziglar

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