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If determination and resilience are two ingredients critical to any entrepreneurial venture, then Daniel Giordano’s guest on this episode of All-In was clearly pre-destined for success. Tracy Enos’s early career path might have been bumpy, but life and professional challenges never bogged her down. With tenaciousness, humor and a thirst for knowledge, she has cultivated an amazing consulting and publishing career.

Author of the international best-seller “LinkedIn Publishing to Profits: A Simple 5-Step System to Attract High Paying Clients, Media Attention & Speaking Engagements,” Tracy has figured out a recipe that includes coaching clients from across industries – solopreneur to multimillion dollar enterprises. She consults with people looking to bring in new business, secure speaking engagements and access media attention. The common denominator? Tracy knows how to leverage LinkedIn like nobody’s business.

A single mom of four, Tracy is a dynamo who prevailed over 3rd degree burns and five surgeries in nine months back in 2015 – only to come back even stronger. She has developing LinkedIn training modules for every price point and offers personalized coaching for those who want that extra feedback. Dan asks her about tips and tricks for putting the full suite of LinkedIn tools into action. Tracy also shares her basics when it comes to figuring out how to market and sell your consulting services.

As if all her entrepreneurial business and publishing activity weren’t enough, Tracy used pandemic as a time to get back into the shape of her life. The future is bright for this dynamic entrepreneur, but she got here the hard way – bouncing back time and again, better than ever!

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  • Tracy runs through her background. A product of growing up in California, she’s a Kansas City, Missouri, transplant who started out working in the world of timeshares. Subsequently she got a real estate license and fell into working for a mortgage company right at the height of the 2008-09 financial crisis. A couple of jobs later, she was ready for something new.
  • Stumbling into a sales job in the prepared foods industry, Tracy quickly discovered she had a real knack for sales and interfacing with the public. In a very short time she was in charge of a huge sales apparatus. Hiring was among her duties, which meant a lot of time spent on LinkedIn, searching for talent. It started wheels turning.
  • In time, at the urging of her sister, Tracy followed her interest in digital marketing and the online world. When she started up her own agency she put her knowledge of LinkedIn’s resources to work, and from there the magic started to happen.
  • On the advice of a colleague, Tracy wrote a highly successful book – the hardest but most rewarding thing she has ever done!
  • LinkedIn is Tracy’s go-to platform. In a world where internet marketing alternatives are in constant flux, she has built a thriving business on the networking platform without having ever spent a single dollar on advertising.
  • What does Tracy bring to the consulting equation that sets her up for success? No matter the discipline or sales sector, she:
    • Studies markets.
    • Studies her clients.
    • Learns to speak the right language.
    • Asks a lot of questions.
    • Figures out what her clients want.
  • Covid19 hit consulting agencies hard, including Tracy’s, but when she pivoted it was once again with an assist from LinkedIn. (Side Note: LinkedIn has reported a 55% increase in use overall in 2020 over 2019, no doubt a byproduct of pandemic upheaval.)
  • Currently Tracy’s agency is building out programs to train people on LinkedIn at more modest price points with an option for private coaching add-ons.
  • Leveraging LinkedIn starts with a great profile, which should include things like: where you volunteer, your education, projects your proud of, publications. Most of all: What do you bring? How are you different from the competition?
  • What first steps does Tracy recommend for entrepreneurs trying to launch a business?
    • Sit down and define who you’re working with and what it is you offer them.
    • Get a good grasp (i.e. deep dive) of the competition and what they’re doing.
    • Sit down and spell it out – develop all your go-to-market plan’s elements.
  • Top of mind for Tracy going forward? Helping more people by breaking down LinkedIn and making its many offerings and tools accessible (rather than overwhelming).
  • What does Tracy do for fun? She’s been on a fitness tear, getting strong and preparing to enter a competition in 2022. That means gym time 5-6 days a week. The dividends in energy are substantial!
  • Dan wraps up with contacts for Tracy (links included below).


  • “I was fired twice from corporate America in four years. Six-figure income gone, and I was a single mom at the time.”
  • “It wasn’t easy. Business was not always on a steady up. I was learning things and I was a sponge – a self-proclaimed “info junkie.”
  • “Social media changes. There are traditional marketing strategies that are still effective today, but with the internet things have also changed. Platforms add things, take things away. You’ve got to pivot.”
  • “You have to learn that every industry is a little bit different and you still have to sell to make a business grow.”
  • “You don’t know what somebody needs in LinkedIn. You don’t know if they want it, need it, even care. It took a lot of practice and I’m not saying there weren’t slow months, because there were.”
  • “I found people who weren’t hurting or completely laid off (during pandemic) and kept my business afloat that way.”

About Tracy:

Tracy is a best-selling author and speaker known for her deep knowledge of the LinkedIn marketing platform and how entrepreneurs can leverage it most effectively. She is an innovative, passionate and inspiring speaker. Her powerhouse abilities and remarkable range to speak on diverse sales and marketing topics were developed and sharpened as a long time LinkedIn business development consultant, real estate and mortgage professional, SCORE mentor, radio show guest, actress, model, and speaker to Fortune 500 companies. 

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